Kent catches heat for anti-FBI statements

Republican congressional contender Joe Kent has made recent national headlines for his stance on the FBI, and he and Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D-Skamania, took to social media to debate the matter.

Two liberal publications, Talking Points Memo and The Daily Beast, published articles this week targeting Kent for his views regarding the agency and other federal programs.

At the center of the discourse is a video posted on Kent’s social media accounts last month, in which he referred to the FBI “as a secret domestic intelligence agency,” which will “continue to take us down this road towards total authoritarianism,” The Daily Beast first reported.

In August last year, Kent wrote, “We must bring the corrupt FBI to heel & dismantle big tech” on a social media post.

Earlier this year, he followed up with a post stating, “We must bring the national security state to heel.”

U.S. Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D-Skamania, responded to the articles Thursday on social media, stating, “The cornucopia of kooky ideas rotting away in Joe Kent’s mind: outlaw abortion, 20 year immigration ban, defund the FBI, arrest Dr. Fauci … and that’s just what he’s said out loud.”

Kent’s response: “The country’s most vulnerable Dem is terrified, so her media allies run stale & inaccurate hit pieces, but her distractions won’t stop me from exposing her record.”

In a follow up post, Kent did not mention the FBI or his previous statements about the federal agency, but focused on Perez’s track record.

“While Perez’s consultants tweet for her & get blue anon media to write hit pieces against me, the real Perez is in congress voting to send billions more of our taxpayer dollars to Ukraine to enrich defense contractors & to drive us closer to WW3 & fiscal ruin,” Kent stated.

— Carlos Fuentes

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