Jiles loses endorsement of Clark County Democratic Women

Damion Jiles, a candidate for Washington Legislature, has lost the endorsement of Clark County Democratic Women in response to revelations by The Columbian that he was subject to two restraining orders by two different women years ago.

Katie Jolma, president of Clark County Democratic Women, said that her group had a special meeting last week where they voted to rescind the endorsement it previously gave Jiles in July.

Jolma said that Clark County Democratic Women has 79 dues-paying members, who are permitted to vote on endorsements. According to its website, Clark County Democratic Women exists to support the party’s candidates and to advance women’s issues.

She said that Jiles was allowed to make remarks to the roughly 30 members who showed up to the meeting before going into executive session to make their decision.

“It was in executive session, so I can’t share the details about that or who said what or what was specifically said,” said Jolma.

Jolma did say that many members of Clark County Democratic Women are survivors of domestic violence or work in the judicial system on their behalf. She said that Jiles’ past didn’t reflect the group’s values.

“We also believe that we need to hold our electeds to a higher standard if our endorsement is going to mean something,” she said.

Jolma also said that going forward, her group will do more to vet candidates.

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