Herrera Beutler supports GOP immigration bills, against child separation at border

House Republicans are tentatively set to vote on two immigration bills this week, both supported by Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Battle Ground.

In response to growing concern over the separation of children from parents at the border, many are asking Congress for a solution. The separation was dictated by White House policy and about 2,000 children have been removed from their parent’s care in the last six weeks. 

One of the bills, known as the moderate-conservative compromise, now includes a provision that requires children to be held in the same location if their parents are also detained. The bill also authorizes $25 billion for President Donald Trump’s border wall and creates a new visa category for DREAMers eligible for DACA to get legal status while waiting in line for citizenship.

The second bill, known as the more conservative option, only allows DACA recipients to get residency permits and reduces the number of permitted legal immigrants and asylum seekers a year.

I asked Herrera Beutler for her opinion on the matter and what she plans to do to remedy the situation. Here’s her statement in full:

Family separation should not be U.S. policy. I am working with House leadership to bring forth legislation as early as this week that would fix multiple aspects of our nation’s broken immigration system. Currently, both pieces of legislation being considered would address and remedy these separations in a manner I support by allowing minors to stay with parents and legal guardians who have been detained.

Katy Sword

Katy Sword

I cover the city of Vancouver and federal politics. Reach me at katy.sword@columbian.com.

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