David Madore will now report the news for you with his new website

David Madore is still in the news business.

David Madore will journalism at you with his new website.

David Madore will journalism at you with his new website.

After Madore lost his bid for reelection to Clark County council last year, he turned his attention to launching ClarkCountyToday.com, his very own news website.

Shortly before the venture launched, Madore went on Clark County Focus and said his only role for the new website would be providing funding and he wouldn’t take on any role as publisher.

Fast-forward to now, ClarkCountyToday.com seems to be publishing articles less frequently. But don’t worry. Madore has recently launched another news venture where he apparently has a more hands-on role.

Late last week, Madore launched FastNav.com. Visitors to the website can scroll through summaries of news stories aggregated from local and national sources. According to a Facebook post from Madore, the website is populated daily and “continues to be enhanced.” It looks like Madore is writing and reporting some of these summaries, sometimes with the help of news organizations such as the “Orgonian” or Facebook. The website includes bylines such as “by the Orgonian (sic) & David Madore.” Others include “by Liz Pike reported by David Madore” or “by Fox 12 Oregon & Facebook.”

This website isn’t the first incarnation of FastNav. According to The Columbian archives, in 2010, Madore, along with Vancouver Police Officer Rey Reynolds, developed the original FastNav as a way to help officers respond to potential bomb threats, shootings and other incidents at local schools by providing a database of layouts and photos of local educational facilities.

School districts didn’t warm to the idea at the time, but Madore remained optimistic.

“What’s really in question is, where will FastNav be launched?” said Madore, according to an article from The Columbian archive. “Who’s going to be the model for the nation?”

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