Darkness stares back at you from Benton’s HR files

bentonAs you might’ve heard, retired state Sen. Don Benton has been hired by the Trump administration to supervise the transition of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The last public sector management position held by Benton was director of Clark County’s now-defunct Department of Environmental Services. Benton lost the job last year as part of a reorganization of the county. More recently, Benton sued the county for $2 million, alleging he was mistreated.

With Benton having such an important managerial role in EPA, we decided to see what kind of manager he was at Clark County and filed a records request.

The results were heavily redacted, with pages of darkness staring back at us. Maybe it’s not a redaction. Maybe the county is trying to tell us something about Benton’s management style.

For what it’s worth, Benton’s lawsuit states he received high remarks in his performance evaluations.

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