CCRP starts the new year with a little reorganization

2017 was a tough year for the Clark County Republican Party. Chair David Gellatly started his term in January, and has faced heavy criticism — including an attempted removal or two — ever since. In October, three board members were removed  and things have been relatively quiet since then.

Now that 2018 is in full swing, Gellatly said the CCRP is reorganizing.

Thanks to central committee approval, the party now features seven working committees, each with their own chair, that work to inform the board on policy.

“This was the main agenda I had put before the board at our very first board meeting after being elected,” Gellatly said. “Unfortunately we had to work through internal issues this past year before being able to implement it.”

He added that the board still offers generalized oversight, the committees are the backbone for the party moving forward.”

The seven committees will meet monthly and work on various issues including candidate support, outreach, events and education.

“This expands the grass roots, increases participation, prevents a few people on the executive board from having to take on too much, and increases efficiency as well as transparency,” Gellatly said.

The response apparently has been “fantastic.”

“The participation is picking up quickly, and we have rolls and opportunities for everyone to be on a team now,” he said. “This is a new day for our party, one that focusing on supporting our Republican officials and candidates, as well as promoting the principles and values we stand for in a positive way.”

Katy Sword

Katy Sword

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