Cash continues to flow into Lentz’s campaign coffers

Temple Lentz

Temple Lentz

With less than a month until the August primary, Temple Lentz, a Democratic candidate for Clark County Council, continues to significantly outpace her opponents in fundraising.

The most recent campaign filings, which were due yesterday, show that Lentz has raised $31,538. Incumbent Clark County Councilor Jeanne Stewart, a Republican, has raised $800, showing she hasn’t raised any additional money since the last time filings were made public. Democrat Jim Moeller, a former state representative, hasn’t raised any additional money either. His only source of funds remains the $2,000 he lent his campaign in April.

Lentz has even outraised candidates for council chair, who are elected at large and presumably require more money for their campaigns. Republican County Councilor Eileen Quiring, who is running for the position, has raised $20,352. Clark County Council Chair Marc Boldt, who is running for reelection as a nonpartisan, has raised $13,400. Democrat Eric Holt, who is running for the position, has raised $6,008. Christy Stanley, another Democrat running, hasn’t raised any money.

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