At the last minute, Clark County re-approves law enforcement agreement with Cowlitz

Clark County sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement officers can still enter the Cowlitz Indian Reservation to respond to calls for services and help maintain law and order.

But had the Clark County Council waited one more day that wouldn’t be the case.

Last year, the the council approved a renewable agreement with the tribe that permitted local law enforcement to enter the tribe’s sovereign territory in northern Clark County. The agreement was approved in anticipation of the Ilani Casino Resort’s opening at a time when the Cowlitz Tribe effectively had no police force.

The agreement was approved last year by both the Clark County and Cowlitz Tribe councils. It went into effect on April 18 and lasted for one year with the option to renew it.

On April 18 of this year, the Clark County Council authorized Interim County Manager to renew the agreement for another year.

Emily Sheldrick, chief civil deputy prosecutor, said that the county will keep data on resources the county uses to uphold the agreement (i.e. charges filed, jail beds, as well as prosecution and District Court services).

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