A mayor’s wish for Christmas

‘Twas the month of Christmas and all through the White House, visitors were coming to see the Senate and House.

Among them was a mayor, Anne McEnerny-Ogle from Vancouver, who brought a plea to the shakers and movers.

Visions of funding for the I-5 bridge danced in her head, she had a message she wanted to spread.

When all of a sudden, what should she see, a letters to Santa mailbox to send a message for free.

McEnerny-Ogle donned her creativity cap, and wrote a letter to Saint Nick, that jolliest of chaps.

Here is the message she wanted him to hear. Give it a read, it deserves a good cheer.

“Everybody stops, so hear our plea.

The I-5 Bridge is old, as you can see.

I don’t know just who to blame for this catastrophe.

But my one wish for Christmas is as plain as can be.

All I want for Christmas is our I-5 Bridge.

Our I-5 Bridge

See our I-5 Bridge!

Gee, if you could only fund our new I-5 Bridge,

Then I could wish you, ‘Merry Christmas!’ ”

But that wasn’t the end of our mayor’s mission, she had another gift straight from the kitchen.

McEnerny-Ogle thought “cobbler diplomacy” might work and delivered a home-baked pie as a nice little perk.

To Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg the pie went. Baked into the crust was the I-5 bridge, so he’d know just what it meant.

As she got in a car and drove away from the executive residence, she hoped the funding came through without any hesitance.

She wished Santa and all to be of good cheer, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

— Shari Phiel

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