2018 candidate filings follow trend

The first day of filing week is in the books and, for the most part, every candidate we expected to formalize their candidacy put in their paperwork  with the Secretary of State office.

According to historical data provided by the SOS’s office, that’s on par with candidate filing trends in the past.

Looking at election filings since 2009, 35 percent of candidates file on Monday of filing week. Of those, 54 percent file online and 36 percent file at the clerk’s counter. Eight percent opt for a special delivery of paperwork.

For the rest of the week, between 12 and 15 percent of candidates file, with Friday as the exception. There’s a final day surge of candidates averaging 24 percent. About 32 percent still file at the counter, but there’s a shift with online filings. Only 41 percent opt to file online whereas the special delivery of paperwork jumps to 27 percent.

If these trends hold, we should see a few filings here and there in the next few days with a final push on Friday as candidates decide to take the plunge and try their hand in the August primary.

Katy Sword

Katy Sword

I cover the city of Vancouver and federal politics. Reach me at katy.sword@columbian.com.

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