Willie, Taj, and Miss Chubbs

Recently, as I was getting Taj back into the house after play time, he noticed an unusually large yellow figure lumbering along toward the back door. She caught my eye as well and, of course, Willie’s attention too. He bolted back out the door while Taj ran under my legs for cover. It was our neighborhood’s lovely Labrador lady coming for an unexpected visit.

She strolls into our yard to say hello, enjoy a tasty dog treat and a little puppy playtime with the boys before casually strolling off into the woods to return home. She often appeared a year or so ago but then failed to show up for a long while. We worried about her. But lo and behold, she reappeared and may return again in a few days or weeks. We just never know.

This beautiful sweet young yellow lab adorns a cute girlish pink collar but without a name tag. Due to her rather stoutly waddle and voluptuous figure, we adoringly refer to her as “Chubbs.” Now she even answers to her given nickname and is greeted with much enthusiasm. Willie can hardly get out the door fast enough while Taj has taken to her like a child to a mother, licking her face and rubbing her torso.

No worries though, even a girl with a full figure can outrun the boys. She is quick and can turn on a dime. She powers forward like a locomotive, so get out of the way boys. She can knock you down like a fullback! Displaying a little kick in her step, she can spryly jump up onto the back porch and help herself to the boy’s water bowl. Then with jet propulsion, she hurdles off to chase the ball. Having all lab groups represented – chocolate, black, and yellow — it becomes a great photo moment!

I offered Chubbs a “Bully Bite,” a healthy grain free high antioxidant type dog treat, she immediately spit it out – too similar to a diet coke and rice cake I would guess. No this girl likes a more flavorful meaty type dog treat that carries a punch! But she accepted the alternative, a few Cheerios from by pocket.

The threesome played happily for some time, then as if receiving a text message from her owner, off she trudges through the woods towards home. We love you Miss Chubbs and will eagerly await your next visit!

Love your pets ~nan~
amigos at play 3



Moved to Clark County in 1981. Spent our first year of marriage in Alaska and childhood and college years in Ohio. Happily married for over thirty years raised four dogs, two cats, and one son...life is good!

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