The Daily Fen Score

Super Fen

Super Fen

When I traveled to South Korea on a Christmas gift team mission this past December, my husband had charge of the house, including our dogs and Fen, our grandpuppy who is living with us (remember the “S” for sucker on my forehead). As I said in my first post, my husband isn’t exactly a dog person, though he tolerates them, even loves them, for my sake. Our own dogs aren’t much of a problem, but Fen is an active, large puppy. Keeping up with his antics is a constant task. Each day while I was gone to South Korea my husband emailed me The Daily Fen Score. Here’s a sampling:

  • Three Raggedy Ann/Andy boots eaten (apparently doll boots taste better than doll flesh)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Claus — face plant. Only needed a little eyeglass repair. Now they are tied up
  • Miscellaneous red decorations chewed and mauled. They once were pretty, now they have character (much like Fen himself). Now Fen is exploring life in the garage when I have to leave the house
  • In the last 24 hours Fen has consumed a whole bag of “JollyPong” — some kind of Asian snack. He has also ransacked the garbage can in the garage (I still need to clean that up)
  • I am continuing his training and he learns well. Our current task is to teach him to lift his leg while peeing. This will keep the other dogs from laughing at him and also eliminate a wet fur problem that we are having. This isn’t going so well…
  • One dead ornament (this one has been injured twice before, I think he finally killed it)
  • One large pile of FenWaste in the upstairs hall
  • Nikki (our oldest daughter) is teaching him the command “sit” (given his prodigious ability to create FenWaste, we are making sure she enunciates clearly)
  • This morning, I discovered that Fen had “watered” our live Christmas tree. I suppose this goes under the category of an honest mistake…
  • Nikki told me a story about coming home last night, “Fen was so happy! He ran between my legs and followed me across the hall with his tail wagging and panting and drooling all the way. It was so cute — until I looked again and saw that it wasn’t drool.”
  • Fen spent some time in the garage today while I was gone. When I got home, all he had done was extract a bag of cat poop from the garbage can. He ate about half of it. It occurs to me that if I could train him to eat right from the cat box I wouldn’t have to change it every day — Finally, an upside.
  • After checking the house, I was going to give Fen a perfect score today, just in time for graduation (he gets a “C+”, but he came on strong at the end), then I spotted a small, round glass shard by the front door. Closer inspection revealed it was part of a glass ornament, so no perfect score. The rest of the ornament is nowhere to be found. If he can eat glass, poop prodigiously, shrink down to fit through tiny holes and destroy dinosaur-sized bones, maybe we should get him a cape and call him SuperFen.

Still have Fen. Still have the “S” on my forehead. Still married

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