Crumbs in my bed

About 13 years ago, my dad went into hospice care. I had a 7-year-old dog, and two up and comers, who were in- and outdoor dogs.

Late on the night of St Patrick’s Day, I knew what the message was just as soon as the phone rang. Dad had passed. I managed to get the calls made to the rest of the family, before collapsing into bed beside my 7-year-old dog. After getting situated, with emotions racing and unable to sleep, my young girl dog came up to lay on the other side on me. My young male dog then came over and after fully analyzing the situation circled up on the floor beside the bed.

Morning finally came around, and I was starting to think about getting up. But, I was pretty well pinned between two large dogs. I don’t know how the young male knew I was starting to stir, but he was up, with his head on my chest, looking forlorn when suddenly, the eyes got bright, ears perked, and head lifted. He was gone across the room to the open box of biscuits (I guess I’m lucky, none of my dogs are over indulgers). With a biscuit half out of his mouth, he comes trotting back over to me, and just as he gets back to the bed, the older dog lifts his head and takes the biscuit. The younger dog stands for a minute looking, watching, ears flat. Then with a heavy breath, turns and is back to the biscuit box to retrieve another biscuit; which he dutifully brings back to the bed. The girl dog intercepts him, taking the biscuit. Again with a heavy breath, the young dog was back to the box, and back to me. This time he was finally able to deliver the gift. Gently, he placed the biscuit on my chest and looked at me. I took his gift and scratched his ears. then gave back the biscuit; he then decided my chest could serve as a plate while he ate the biscuit.

After the biscuits were consumed, they knew it was time to get up. I also had one more call to make. I wasn’t going to work. And now, I had biscuit crumbs to get out of my bed; but, I also knew I had three very loving dogs to help me through the emotions of loosing my dad.

Who’d ever guess that crumbs in my bed could be such a symbol of love?


Marie Agun

I grew up in Washougal. Our family used to have cows, and so we always had the usual farm animals; cows, chickens, cats, dogs. When I was 11, some one dumped a young, silver point German shepherd near our farm. Unlike almost all dumped dogs, this one was lucky and we took him in. He turned out to be a pretty good farm dog. We called him Charley. My sister decided to enter Charley in 4-H obedience classes, and her little sister (me) always tagged along. One day, while my sister was working with Charley, I went back to the car. Someone had come to visit the obedience instructor, and in the back of the visitors’ car were two amazing, tall, thin, long haired elegant, majestic looking dogs. I was instantly smitten. I did see the person who owned the dogs, and I never learned who it was; but, I promised myself that some day I would have a dog like that. It took me 10 years to learn I’d fallen in love with a Borzoi aka Russian wolfhound. It was another 10 years for my first Borzoi to enter my life. Just how he came to live with me is another wonderful story. He was my love, he was an amazing teacher. He taught me a lot about dogs and life. I’m so glad he was part of my life. Since a lot of people don’t know much about Borzoi, I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about the breed as I could. It’s only been 15 years now, so I’m still learning, and love to talk dog with anyone willing to listen.

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