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2A GSHL all-league boys soccer team

All-league team as voted upon by league coaches.
Co-MVPs: Tanner Konkright, sr., mid, Ridgefield; Shawn Marion, sr., mid, Hockinson.


Jared Williams, jr., fwd, Ridgefield

Nate Miller, jr., mid, Ridgefield

Charlie Hauser, jr., mid, Ridgefield

Kyle Morris, jr., def, Ridgefield

Brett Sparks, sr., mid, Hockinson

Mitchell Pinney, so., fwd, Hockinson

Emmanuel Gil, sr., fwd, Hockinson

Nathan Gunderson, jr., def, Hockinson

Weston Robinson, sr., def., Mark Morris

Ian Cheslock, sr., def, Mark Morris

Tristan Simons, jr., gk, Mark Morris


FWD: Connor Thompson, jr., Hockinson; Max Westervelt, sr., Mark Morris; MID: Riley Aloe, sr., Mark Morris; Colton Willie, jr., R.A. Long; Juan Vazquez, sr., R.A. Long; Brandon Winn, jr., Ridgefield; Patrick Johnson, jr., Washougal; DEF: Alan Haagen, jr., Hockinson; Jacob Roscoe, so., Hockinson; David Potter, jr., Ridgefield; Brad Abella, jr., Ridgefield; GK: Casey Turner, jr., Hockinson; Dalton Ries, jr., Ridgefield.


Hockinson: Scott Stavig, jr., mid; Adam Jeschke, so., def; Mark Morris: Ryan Johnson, sr., def; Max Hardy, sr., fwd; Elijah Richey, jr., def; R.A. Long: Seth Dahlquist, so., gk; Ridgefield: Chase Majury, jr., mid; Washougal: Thomas Normandeau, jr., mid; Spencer Carnera, jr., mid; Samuel Razumouskiy, so., mid.

Coach of the year: Jason Staley, Ridgefield



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