Portland Timbers

Time draws near… Timbers take on Rapids on National TV

If you want to know what a playoff game situation will be like in Portland after about 2 years of fluff and stuff tonight should be the night.

No room for the tip-toe through the tulips (thanks for that Tiny Tim) bollocks and sound-bites from others tonight – it is what it is – the first of four grueling home matches on the six game trail to the Timbers Team looking to repay (in play) what Merritt Paulson offered up about a month later from now, this time last year.

Unlike the early and mid-year games, these final games really don’t have much to do with general statistics – yea there are patterns from the past that one can draw on; what teams like, what areas they prefer, and all, that but tonight is simply stated an 11 v 11.

That’s not to say there won’t be tactical changes; there will be and both coaches have tough challenges in building their starting 11.

Here’s some of my offerings for your consideration going into this game tonight…


Should be a great game…

Next up match analysis…




Chris Gluck

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