High School Sports

3A GSHL all-league football

Offensive player of the year: Clayton Frank, qb. Columbia River; Defensive player of the year: Andrew Almquist, lb, Kelso.



Clayton Frank, QB, Columbia River

Taylor Radcliffe, RB, Kelso

Remick Kawawaki, RB, Columbia River

Clark Bryant, WR, Columbia River

Jason Bracken, WR, Prairie

Somit Chhim, WR, Kelso

Jake Sorenson, OL, Kelso

Justin Hazelton, OL, Columbia River

Tyler Grant, OL, Prairie

Bennett Muasau Jr., OL, Mountain View

Vili Kaumatule, OL, Hudson’s Bay

Max Reimer, K, Prairie

Nick Gawley, RET, Prairie


Bennett Muasau Jr., DL, Mountain View

Tyler Duncan, DL, Prairie

Dillon Willis, DL, Columbia River

Andrew Almquist, LB, Kelso

Tyson Johnson, LB, Kelso

Brad Hansen, LB, Mountain View

David Snuff, LB, Columbia River

Alex McCormick, DB, Kelso

Russell Culverwell, DB, Mountain View

Colton Prestwich, DB, Prairie

Clark Bryant, DB, Columbia River

Taylor VanHeck, DB, Fort Vancouver

Scott Keyser, P, Prairie


Offense QB: Aaron Adams, Kelso; RB: Austin Mace, Mountain View; Devon Casey, Hudson’s Bay; WR: William Doty, Fort Vancouver; Nick Gawley, Prairie; Taylor VanHeck, Fort Vancouver; TE: Nehemiah McDougal, Hudson’s Bay; OL: Cole Leppert, Kelso; Joe Keller, Columbia River; Manny Velasquez, Prairie; Ryan Tonder, Mountain View; Chris Helgerson, Kelso; Babacarr Secka, Fort Vancouver. RET: Nathan Hawthorne, Columbia River; Terrell Bolton, Columbia River.

Defense: DL: Justin Hazelton, Columbia River; Vili Kaumatule, Hudson’s Bay; Billy Brown, Fort Vancouver; Terry Brumfeld, Hudson’s Bay; LB: Mica Figueroa, Columbia River; Malone, Kelso; Matt Vick, Prairie; Nehemiah McDougal, Hudson’s Bay; DB: Jacob Buslach, Hudson’s Bay; Jawara Pennington, Columbia River; Remick Kawawaki, Columbia River; Eli Evanson, Columbia River; P: Zach Hudson, Columbia River.

Co-coaches of the year: Pat Hymes, Kelso; John O’Rourke, Columbia River



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