20/20/20 Challenge

It is disheartening that only 5% of Americans get 30 minutes of exercise every day. That means 95% of us are not getting enough exercise to ward off obesity and […]

Food & Exercise is Medicine!

You will notice there are many reports suggesting that obesity and poor health are high risk factors to not faring well if infected with COVID-19. This information should be a […]

Workouts When You’re Stuck at Home!

We are cooped up and stressed out! What we need now more than ever is exercise to improve our physical strength, mental health, reduce our stress and help develop our […]

Getting To The Finish Line Of Fitness

"Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed." -- Cavett Robert It’s been a month since the world set their […]

Choose Your Friends Wisely To Be Healthy

You’ve probably heard that you are the sum of your five closest friends. It is indeed true that you are influenced by the people that you spend your time with […]

50 Days for 50 Years

Soon I’ll be turning 50 years old. I’ve spent over 30 of those years working as a fitness trainer so I feel like there’s no better way to celebrate my […]

Try a NEW Approach to RESOLUTIONS

As we launch into 2020, many of us are resolving to make some major changes in our lives such as starting an exercise program, eating healthier, losing weight, quitting smoking, […]

Fitness Trivia to Motivate

As we approach the New Year, we often to take time to reflect on the highlights of the last year, the people and things we are thankful for and look […]

Daily Doubles to Shred for Summer!

The sun is shining and we’re all starting to get excited for summer! With that comes the realization that we don’t have a ton of time to lean down before […]

Shake It Up

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done! If you want to change something, you’ve got to change something. Makes sense, doesn’t it? […]

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