Month: March 2015

Hill Workouts For Max Benefit

Walking is a fabulous, low-impact way to stay healthy and fit. But in order to get the same benefit as running, you generally need to go longer.  But most people […]

Body Image Blues

As a professional in the fitness industry, I hear too often people who refer negatively to parts of their body.... “My legs are so fat!” “My butt is so big!" “I wish I […]

Nutrition: Let’s Agree On 95%

So what do I mean let's agree on 95% when it comes to nutrition? Well, we had a team meeting recently and had some fabulous discussions about nutrition and I thought […]

Super Busy But Still Fit!

It seems that most people in our society report they are busier than ever and are having a difficult time managing work, family, social, fitness and more. In fact, a […]

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