Month: March 2016

Egg and Veggie Skillet

I am actually surprised that we've yet to cuddle up together in a virtual window seat over steaming mugs of tea to chat about eggs-ploring the egg-cellent world of eggs. […]

Chicken and Broccoli “Pasta”

Hi friends. This one I made up out of my own brain with a little inspiration from those mouth watering recipe videos popping up all over social media. I don't […]


This is a quick one and so easy I'm almost embarrassed to actually create a whole blog post about it. However I think you'll thank me as you're licking the […]

Egg Un-Rolled

This one was a total winner in the house tonight, it was actually Little Sis's bedtime snack! Naturally I was excited to share it with you all. Inspired by thisĀ recipeĀ I […]

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