Thank you ALL, for telling people about NWAIS/CGR Radio…which is a full time on line streaming/audio network, and is A radio network for the blind, disabled, veterans and the Spanish speaking community for SW Washington and Oregon…PLEASE SEE NOTE about listening to the links, For some reason CHROME and VOSCAST has a issue for listening…but the streams DO WORK on FIREFOX browser…VOSCAST is working with CHROME/GOOGLE for this issue…I do apologize…

CGR Radio 1 News-Info-Community Programming

CGR Radio 2-Arts-Entertainment-Community Programming

CGR 3-VetNet Radio for Blind, Visually Impaired and or Disabled Veterans.

CGR Radio 4-Spanish Speaking service for the Blind and Disabled with Community-News-Information.

(you may have to copy the above listen links and paste them in your browser). The Listen links do work but may be blocked by a firewall in public places.(ALL streams do work.. but VOSCAST streams do not work well on Google Chrome.. but for some reason on FIREFOX)..they are working on the issue.. I am so sorry…

CGR NWAIS Radio in Vancouver Washington, is a full time audio information service for The Blind, Visually Impaired, The Disabled, and Veterans by providing News, Information, Community, Educational and Entertainment intended mainly for those above and from 54-90 with target specific programming as well offering newspaper-book and magazine readings by in home volunteers.



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