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Community Growth Radio(CGR)/Northwest Audio Information Service has been serving Clark County/Vancouver Washington since 2013, CGR/NWAISRadio is mainly self-supported tho CGR Radio/NWAIS is NOT a non-profit, but local and community ads are heard on all streams and airtime is donated to small business and always free ads(60 seconds is free to all non-profits, and there are NO Paid Sponsors and all airtime ads are done for barter or trade out.

There are 2 online streams available 7/24/365(some public places and their computer firewalls may block it but they do work).

CGR Radio/NWAIS offers mainly target specific programming such as book-magazine-newspaper readings daily from volunteers(from their homes via Mp3)even before covid-19, these are non-paid volunteers. But AGAIN CGR NWAIS is legally classified as an Audio Information Service with programming mainly intended for the blind and disabled and those who are visually impaired with specific programming affecting those who are blind and or disabled with news, information, and educational and entertainment. and is recognized by The International Association of Audio Informational Service(30 or more Radio Reading Services)under Program Share.

CLARITY: CGR Radio offers all types of programming such as News, Info/Community, Timely Issues, Old Time Radio, Notalgia, and More(CGR 2 Radio has added Old Time Radio Westerns).

CGR Radio/NWAIS belongs to several radio networks such as USA Radio Network, Performance Racing Network, American AG Network, Program Share from The International Association of Audio Information Services, programming from Pacifica, (CGR Radio is the exclusive affiliate of USA Radio in our Metro Area, Portland Oregon DMA #24).

CGR 1 is The Mainstream Channel or read print and broadcasting timely News, Information, Educational, and Entertainment, and 97 percent of programming is NOT duplicated on any local AM/FM/LPFM or Internet source in SW Washington and Oregon.

DISCLAIMER: I am the sole owner, engineer, music director, operations, and all and scheduled by me and again CGR operates as Northwest Audio Information Service DBA and licensed as a business in Clark County and the name Northwest Audio Information Service is registered with the IRS.

To fulfill obligations for community programming and with the request from our Blind and or Disabled Listeners, CGR/NWAIS offers programming in over 40 languages book-magazine and newspaper readings done by non-paid in-home native language speakers. CGR NWAIS Radio does have permission from several publications and newspapers to read in full and credit news stories and permission from Jim Demmon of CVTV and ETC 112 for Sports and community programming.

CGR Radio does offer similar programming BUT at the request of our listeners mainly 54-90 and on an average of 1400 listeners per day per station, but there was a request from SW Washington and Oregon Farmers, Ranchers and growers to broadcast Farm and AG programming and offers more programming in SW Washington and Oregon such as timely Farm/AG/Weather for them locally and from American AG Network(and the only station carrier west of Montana).

CGR Radio 2 is branded and with permission as “Willie The Legend Country Radio”, Yes Willie does know about CGR Radio, CGR Radio offers Country music going back to 1920 TO TODAY, and has over 67,000 songs in the library, and plays more unsigned, indie, female artists and new artists and established musicians and artists and uncharted songs, that I get from Mp3, email snail mail and producers and record labels, so you can hear music from cross over AAA/Acoustical to some blues. crossover, Rock, to Western Swing, and artists who are female and or diversified and inclusive and giving the hard-working musicians songwriters and more exposure.

I do thank them, and they are welcome and I do listen to all music submissions, CGR Radio has also 11,000 plus selections of Old Time Radio and Nostalgia and plays classical music between programming on CGR 1 Radio.

Again Willie and Raelyn Nelson gave permission and know about CGR 2, I am personally on the air M-Sat 5 AM to 12:15 PM…

You can find CGR 1 and 2 online and through Tune-In, NOBEX Radio, iblink radio app for the blind, and more, SEARCH FOR CGR Radio or CGR Radio Network or CGR Radio Sifton Washington.

CGR 1 is also rebroadcasted through two Non-Commercial FM stations(one being in Spokane and one in Richland Washington)via their Subcarrier frequency of 67 kHz sideband(you need a special pre-tuned closed-circuit radio)that you can switch from regular FM to SCA, these radios are usually donated for the blind and disabled and you can buy online very cheaply.

The Spokane Non-Commerical carries CGR 1 Mainstream via their main FM signal(under their SCA Signal) and through their repeaters that cover parts of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and BC Canada, and with the coverage of The Richland Washington signal covers The Tri-Cities and Oregon(The Gorge area), so with a total combination of all the above stations, streams and such CGR Radio 1 and 2 has an estimated listenership and coverage of 500,000 plus who do tune in via the streams, apps and the FM stations.

CGR Radio is here to serve you in the best possible way in diverse and open-minded community broadcasting, if you know someone who is blind and is disabled and can benefit from programming pass the word and it is FREE and online(copy and paste)the links and they do work!

I thank you for the listener and I thank both Susan Galaviz and Joe Clemmons from KXRY FM 99.99 Radio for their moral support since day one and I was a volunteer with them and I thank Wayne Roche from KOUV internet radio, Vancouver, not to be confused with KOUV LPFM Radio, the blind and disabled listeners requested country and cross over..thus offering more exposure to diversified/minority and female, indie, and unsigned artists.

Here are the listen to links, Copy and Paste in the browsers..a firewall may block them.

PERSONAL NOTE OF THANKS…I thank The Columbian Newspaper, The program producers, The Musicians, The Farmers and Ranchers, and YOU!!  Sincerely Gerald Gaule Owner of CGR Radio/NWAIS and yes I own the copyright of the associated names and business serving our community.


CGR Radio 1 News-Info-Community Programming


CGR Radio 2-Arts-Entertainment-Community Programming