NW AM Country Radio

Country Radio is back(read more below)please..

Just a quick note:

Things are growing in programming and expanding in all 3 networks, and the kind replies and emails have been wonderful.

https://cgrradio2.wixsite.com/cgrradio          MAIN SITE(UPDATED always)YOU may have to copy and paste on your browser the links below…

CGR Radio 1 News-Info-Community Programming More programming has been added(Main Network).

http://station.voscast.com/5bb29904b7f28/     CGR 1 Listen Link

CGR Radio 2-Arts-Entertainment-Community Programming  More Country Music has been added, now playing MORE INDIE/UN-Signed/Female, Cross Over Country MORE LOCAL ARTISTS…

http://station.voscast.com/5c54a781c884c/      CGR 2 Listen Link

CGR Radio-3 Spanish Service for The Blind

http://station.voscast.com/5d9602575e504/       CGR 3 Listen Link

(ALL networks are heard on the above links)they do work but some firewalls for some reason(unlock)in a public place or such.

CGR 1 is the primary network and offers programming to the blind and disabled in over 40 languages.

CGR is Secondary but is branded “Willie The Legend” Radio/Country and Yes Willie Nelson knows and his blessing, and added MORE programming for Vets/Serving our country as well from advice, finance, planning and more, CGR 2 is offering FARM/AG Programming from American AG Network, USA Radio News and Performance Racing Network.

CGR 3 is the ONLY NW Spanish Service for the Blind and Disabled.

With Voscast, NOBEX Phone App, Iblink app(serotek)for the blind and 3rd party broadcasters carrying all stations(ie; CGR 1 on 2 FM Sub carrier channels)OVER 500,000 IS SERVED. Programming comes from several Networks and sources and producers and in-home volunteers reading via Mp3. The Translators on KPBX FM rebroadcasts via their sub carrier FM CGR 1 covered in WA,OR,ID and BC and KFAE 89.1 in Tri-Cities carries CGR 1 on their sub carrier FM Signal.

Many have been supportive such as Joe Clemmons and Susan Galaviz from KXRW/KXRY Radio.