NW AM Country Radio

YES it is true! from CGR Radio Gerald Gaule

HELLO to all…I hope everyone is staying safe and well..I am for sure..

It has been a month since great changes were made to the NWAIS/CGR Radio Network and the 3 internet stations..

Thanks to MANY who read this and a huge credit to the many blind and disabled listeners in Clark County…CGR Radio 2 not only broadcasts programming mainly for the blind and disabled but had added back Country Music and the many cross genres which it offers…

From AAA Alternative to Western Swing….plus adding more Classic, Indie, Un-Signed Local and more female artists that sometimes are ignored due to the “good ol’ boys club and system(in my opinion)that so many artists deserve and need to be played.

FYI CGR and NWAIS is the only audio services mainly for the blind and disabled in SW Washington and Oregon and fills the needs of Vancouver/Clark Country residents that pertain to our area from News, Info, Educational, Community Issues from Health, Retirement, and other related topics and seeing the needs of our Veterans for information.

The Blind and Disabled listeners have asked for CGR 2 to play a variety of Country that goes back to 1900 to TODAY….and proudly to say with over 67,000 songs from my collection and NEW music that comes in daily from Local, Independent and as well Gospel and similar music.

To clear things CGR 2 has rebranded back to “WILLIE THE LEGEND” and really he does know about it and the standards I hold to programming.

CGR does maintain programming for the blind and disabled in our area…and has since 2013 and is in Vancouver(Sifton).

I thank all who read this….and I thank Susan Galaviz from KXRW FM 99.9 for her loving moral support.

Please for to the MAIN site to scroll down in the programming including the Spanish format for serving the blind and disabled.

Stay safe and well…I am doing my part due to my health and heart…YES, the links to work(but you may have to remove the firewall)if in an office or public place and is on 7/24/365).   you can copy and paste in a browser as well.


CGR Radio 1 News-Info-Community Programming


CGR Radio 2-Arts-Entertainment-Community Programming


CGR Radio-3 Spanish Service for The Blind


CGR-NWAIS Radio serves The 50 Plus, Blind and Visually Impaired Community in our Area with News, Info, Community, Educational and Entertainment Programming and both Networks are VERY Target Specific and with the intended audience and those who cannot read or hold print.

CGR /NWAIS is affiliated with The IAAIS as a Member for Radio Reading Services/American Council of The Blind Radio.

DISCLAIMER…I am no longer associated in any way shape or form associated or is a radio announcer to 102.7 KIEV LPFM Country licensed to Camas and I left for many personal reasons and have not since 2018 and for moral reasons in my opinion. I own the name CGR Radio Northwest Audio Information Service and is registered with The IRS and is NOT a nonprofit or never claimed to be one no one represents me and I do not morally support a business that is not fair to Minorities.