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Thank you Readers of The Columbian(Open letter)and UPDATE


There was MANY responses by email of my post and what and how the radio reading service is important to those who cannot read or hold print, now many have asked why? and it’s role in general and how it works, tho it is not a new idea or thought, but it is the first in Clark County mind you there were TWO major radio/audio services in the NW going back to 1971(one in Seattle and one in Portland)and they are off the air.

The concept or RRS goes back to 1967, and Radio Reading Services/Audio Services were broadcasted via a FM sub carrier channel(SCA)to pre tuned FM Radios to either 67KHz or 92Khz and when it the early days before(HD)FM stations if in MONO could carry along with the main FM 2 SCA services, but in Portland one was being used by Golden Hours and KOAP FM now KOPB would transmit a SCA signal….then it moved to Channel 10(SAP option).

Yes many RRS services still use SCA such as the two stations KFAE 89.1 in Richland Wa and KPBX FM in Spokane re broadcasts CGR 1 main service, and at one time they carried The Seattle Radio(ERRS)and now CGR Radio, and through KPBX alone the SCA is carried through most of their translators and CGR 1 can be heard on the 67KHz sub carrier, radios are normally loaned out and for those who do not use the internet or an app…..YES many older people no matter the app and easy it is SCA Radios are loaned out to nursing homes..I do thank my in home volunteers who read material….recorded mp3 format…


SCA Radio



KPBX is relayed(SCA) coverage as well)in some parts of BC Canada,Eastern Oregon,Idaho,WA and Montana, serving many who are blind, and many say so what?

Well I have proposed to Comcast locally to broadcast the main CGR Audio and yes in some areas COMCAST does carry services in other areas of the US…But they flatly said no and a waste of time..

MY GOAL is to serve Vancouver/Clark County and an easy way to get programming…It is not me but the mission to serve the blind and not compete with KXRY or other LPFM stations or duplicate as much and offer programming and to fill the gap locally…I have been in community radio and for the blind and involved since 1995 first as a volunteer for Golden Hours in Portland…I have pitched and proposed to several TV stations and Cable Outlets….I do know the people at KXRY/KXRW FM and they are great especially Susan G…she is kind and sweet and Joe is a fine fella…and a class act…and yes at one time I volunteered for KXRY and did a syndicated Oldies Show for them.

Yes CGR is not a non profit, and legally you do not have to be A NON PROFIT to be a radio/audio service….but CGR is unique in many ways….and with the combination of all stations(CGR)all 3 feeds, the apps,the coverage of CGR thru KFAE and KPBX both public radio stations and thanks to both and the engineers and management CGR 1 can reach over 500,000 IN MANY WAYS…

But the next step is local re broadcast and it has been since 2008 a RRS was done in a non internet way via KOPB TV…my goal is to petition COMCAST again and other outlets in the METRO area….again CGR/NWAIS is registered as a business(DBA)Northwest Audio Information Service, it was easier to go that route than a non profit for now….and less rules of sponsorship and v.s FCC rules of what you cannot say or do for LPFM stations….and there are pros and cons….

Yes CGR 1,2,3 NWAIS is a bonafide audio service that does provide programming,information and educational programming for the blind and disabled…otherwise if it was not The International Audio Association of Audio Services would not let me join….simply…and it is true I do carry with permission CVTV programming and ETV 112 Sports for those who do not have cable…I do broadcast live elections and special programming on CGR 2….again CGR Radio does have a website….I thank Jim Demmon and ETV 112…for permission…I have asked KPTV/KPDX to relay the 10 PM News….CGR 2 does have local news,weather and community programming, and yes I still do a M-F Show 5:05 AM-9:00…..

Thank You all again….here is the post again…and I will add the KGW link done on CGR Radio..

https://cgrradio2.wixsite.com/cgrradio┬á MAIN CGR site…and yes I own solely CGR/NWAIS and the related names to the networks….ALSO ORIGINAL post from my blog….and PLEASE pass the word….thank you…

KGW TV Youtube link..




Dear Reader, I am doing this open letter to the community and to the readers of The Columbian Newspaper.

I want to thank you for morally supporting CGR(Community Growth Radio)/Northwest Audio Information Service which serves those who are Blind,Visually Impaired,Those who cannot read or hold print and are Disabled.

CGR/NWAIS is located in Vancouver Washington and always bring empowerment to our listeners with news,community,info,book-magazine and newspaper readings by in home volunteers who record via Mp3 and scheduled(since 2013).

CGR started many years ago before The Evergreen Radio Reading Service located in Seattle went off the air after 40 years due to budgets, and(CGR) is now Serving Oregon as well since Golden Hours went off the air after 50 years after the passing away of my Former boss Jerry Delaunay, I was a volunteer for OFCB/GH/Omni Media for 13 years and acting under several titles..

CGR Radio(all 3)is one of 30 plus such services in The US Alone and is a member of The International Association of Audio Information Services.

Audio services mainly targets The Blind,Visually Impaired,The Disabled with news,information,educational and entertainment programming and 96% of the programming on all 3 networks are not duplicated by any AM/FM or Internet Service in SW Washington and Oregon.

CGR 1 Main Service offers the programming as mentioned and does broadcast Old Time Radio/Nostalgia and Classical Music as a filler. CGR Radio does offer programming for the blind as well in over 40 languages.

The MAIN goal is to serve our community, and does broadcast programming from many sources including Program Share(IAAIS)Native Voice 1, American Veterans Radio, Pacifica and other services.

CGR 2 is a secondary service with the mentioned above programming plus Oldies and programming Live from several Radio Networks.

CGR 3 is The Spanish Service to those who are blind and such and just came on.

CGR/NWAIS is mainly listener supported and self supportive and funded(6%)from sponsors and CGR Radio is NOT a non profit(but plans are in the future)TBA.

CGR is heard mainly through apps such as NOBEX Radio,TuneIn,Serotek/iblink radio, but if you have a firewall such as in a public place, the players and links do work but some firewalls may block this, I am not sure why but as an FYI. Search For CGR or CGR Radio or CGR Radio Network but all streams are on line and do work(as mentioned FYI for firewalls).

CGR 1 is also broadcasted in a non internet way vis KFAE 89.1 in Richland Wa and KPBX FM 91.1(both public radio stations)via their 67KHz sub carrier service(you need a special pre tuned FM/SCA Radio)tuned to a closed circuit frequency, the signal is sent as a side signal,those radios are mainly loaned out and to those in nursing homes or those who do not use the internet, and MANY Radio services still use that type of radio to this day.

CGR was offered at first to The School for the blind but chose not to.

I am the sole owner and have been for years, I have no staff but volunteers only. I have petitioned one TV station to carry the main CGR 1 audio on one of their digital subchannels via SAP(option)it has been since 2008 when OPB carried Golden Hours but was dropped, I have found out most older people do not embrace apps no matter how easy it is.

Due to the COVID I wanted not to charge sponsors and to make it easy financially thus self support but it has little overhead and maintainable with the basic expenses(to be honest).

TO TUNE in the links do work to listen(but mentioned before)beware of public firewalls….CGR Radio does it’s best for all to tune in and make it easy and provide a service and to meet many needs.

THANK YOU….public e mail is ccaisradio_at_gmail dot com


CGR Radio 1 News-Info-Community Programming


CGR Radio 2-Arts-Entertainment-Community Programming


CGR Radio-3 Spanish Service for The Blind