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The Animials, They Are a Changin’

If you only attend the Fair once or twice per year (I can't imagine), you may not realize that there are two sets of animals over the course of the […]

Cute kids, dramatic teenagers, fattening food ~ Another fun day at the Fair!

We took it a bit slow today, sort of meandering here and there, snacking as the cravings struck. I got a little overheated while sitting in the Grandstands for […]

Calling all Mutton Busters!

I don’t have children. If I had known about mutton bustin’ at the time, I might have reconsidered. Little kids riding sheep à la bull riding? How […]

Sensory Friendly Rides on Tuesday

I have only seen this mentioned in one place but it was from a very reliable source. Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 7), many of the rides in the Carnival will operate with […]

Country Music and Chicken Wings

I am really not much of a country music fan but much to my surprise, I stayed for the entire show tonight at the Amphitheater. And that's not just […]

Hot is Good!

As I posted while at the Fair today, today's heat actually made it an unexpectedly great day to be at the Fair. There were no crowds, no lines, no […]

One Fair, No Waiting!!

I know it's a bit toasty today, but COME TO THE FAIR!! Oh my, it is so lovely! No lines, no waiting, no crowds. The Food Court […]

Ways to Beat the Heat at the Fair Today

Today is going to be a hot one! The forecast says it is going to be 97 today. Yikes! It was already 80 degrees at 9:30am at […]

A Great First Day at the Fair!

What a great day for a Fair! My husband and I were there for about 10 hours today and we will be back again tomorrow. Whoo hoo! We had […]

Less than 24 hours to go!! It's the FAIR! It's the FAIR!!

I think I have everything ready. I have my tickets, parking passes, camera, purseable sunscreen, extra Tums, sunglasses, pedometer, and Fair schedule all sitting on the kitchen table. […]

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