Martin Estrada of Heritage tops 3A Greater St. Helens League boys soccer all-league team

All-league team as selected by the league and submitted for publication:

Player of the year: Martin Estrada, sr., def, Heritage


Diego Bejar, jr., mid, Evergreen

Christian Chavarria, sr, def, Evergreen

Caleb Gosney, sr., mid, Mountain View

Alejandro Ramirez, sr., mid, Mountain View

Christian Wilson, jr., mid, Mountain View

Pablo Sanchez Barbosa, jr., fwd, Heritage

Mijail Cusitito Cueva, sr., fwd, Heritage

Juan Serrano, sr., def, Heritage

Donovan Winfrey, sr., mid, Heritage

Trent Harker, sr., def, Prairie

Liam Blanton, sr., def, Prairie

Grayson Allen, jr., gk, Prairie


Kevin Jimenez, so., def, Evergreen; Isaiah Valdez, jr., mid, Evergreen; Sam Ritchie, jr., mid, Evergreen; Owen Purvis, jr., gk, Mountain View; Daniel Reyes, so., fwd, Mountain View; Jose Pichardo, sr., mid, Mountain View; Jackson Graham, so., gk, Heritage; Adrian Valencia, sr., fwd, Heritage; Luke Cochran, jr., mid, Prairie

Coach of the year: George Moya, Heritage

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