Month: February 2018

Washingtonians like to consult Dr. Google

Paging, Dr. Google. A new report shows that 44 percent of Americans consult with the internet “doctor” rather than a medical professional to assess a health issue. In Washington, 50 percent of […]

American Cancer Society softens on e-cigarettes

The American Cancer Society appears to be endorsing the use of electronic cigarettes. But only as a means to quit combustible cigarettes. The American Cancer Society released this week a new […]

Happy Meal parents aren’t happy

McDonald’s announced Thursday it was removing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from its Happy Meals. The internet reacted as one would expect. McDonald’s has been working with the nonprofit […]

CDC: Flu vaccine is 36 percent effective

Preliminary data suggests this year’s flu vaccine is 36 percent effective at preventing illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the interim vaccine effectiveness estimates this week after analyzing […]

CDC: Raw milk from herdshare program responsible for illness

Drinking unpasteurized milk may lead to illness. Who knew? Well, for starters, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Raw (unpasteurized) milk has been linked to many foodborne illnesses,” according to the […]

Study: Transgender youth have poorer health

Transgender youth have poorer health and lower rates of preventive health checkups than their cisgender peers, according to new research. A new study published in this month’s Pediatrics journal looked at […]

State uninsured rate continues to drop

The state’s uninsured rate continues to decline three years after implementation of key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, according to a new report. In 2016, the percentage of people uninsured […]

Take health to heart this February

This month is Heart Health Month. It’s also Black History Month. And state health officials are drawing a connection between the two with a blunt truth: heart disease risk is […]

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