How Gardening Rejuvenates Your Mind When Working from Home

Gardens add beauty to your compound and also remind you of the natural habitat that you love away from. In work from home mode, sometimes daily life concerns can make you overwork your mind and after a few months, you might feel stretched to the extreme.

To help your mind get refreshed again, you need to spend time doing activities that help your mind relax. Gardening can help rejuvenate your mind in several ways and if you work in your garden for at least 40 minutes, you will feel the positive effect it has on the mind.

Gardening enhances mood

The joy of working in a garden helps improve mood. When you feel tense and alone while working from home, spending time in the garden can help release the tension. Tension can build anger in you, affecting your psychological health, causing you to have low self-esteem and be less productive. Water is a natural resource and it’s useful for making your garden green.

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Gardening helps fight anxiety and depression 

A study was done where adults were required to work in their garden at least two times a week. A questionnaire was prepared and the participants asked how they felt after working in the gardens for at least six weeks. Most of them reported that they learned a lot about themselves and the activity gave them time to meditate about their life.

In general, gardening provides you with the feeling of calmness, serenity and helps you overcome anxiety and depression, which can come as a result of being overwhelmed by daily life concerns.

Gardening helps control aggression

In a society where everything is obtained through hard work, some people may turn violent against others who seem to succeed better than them. A life of limited opportunities can create negative or aggressive moods and may lead to violence or some criminal activity.

When you do gardening, you create a sense of connection with nature and this feeling helps you sober up quickly. A study that compared the people living in barren places or places where there is too much hustle-bustle to those living in places with a lot of greenery around concluded that violence and negative behavior were more prevalent in barren places or overly-populated places where there was no greenery or a natural setting.

Helps cognitive learning

If you don’t know a lot about gardening, you might want to do some research to help you know the best plants to buy and the best way to take care of them. When working in your garden, you need the skills and concentration to create a beautiful landscape with wonderful plants.

You might also need knowledge about soil and plant propagation. Learning this information helps your mind get away from the demands of routine jobs and chores. Your cognitive skills increase and you begin to think better and in a creative way. Your level of concentration rapidly increases too.

Improves mental health 

Gardening is a physical exercise that helps the heart beat faster, making blood flow rapidly in every body part. The body also burns energy which improves your weight. Less weight and more oxygen for your body refreshes the mind and helps improve your mental health. When you have a refreshed mind, you can concentrate more on your work and be highly productive.


Allen Wilson

Allen has been writing about gardening for over 30 years. He is a retired professor of Horticulture.

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