How to Help Students Raise Their Intrinsic Motivation Level

Intrinsic motivation involves doing something without expecting or receiving any obvious reward. You do it because it’s enjoyable and not because of outside pressure like a reward or deadline. Instead of focusing on only grades, intrinsic motivation gives students a chance to spend time and effort doing emotionally fulfilling activities.

Intrinsic motivation is necessary when students feel forced or pressured to learn. There is a need to bring up a reason for learning other than having good grades in such a situation. To help you understand what intrinsic motivation is all about and how to instill it in students, here is a list of five activities that can really help.

Growing greater happiness with gardening

Interacting with nature can increase self-esteem, mood, reduce anger and improve the general psychology of students. Also, working in a green environment influences mental health and general psychological well-being. Plants are a symbol of life, and so they can be used to influence people positively.

If it still does not help and students lack the motivation to go out to pursue their career dreams, there are courses from Carroll U Online. The online courses will allow them the flexibility to study without necessarily moving away from their home. Carroll University MBA helps young students become the best version of themselves as they step outside to build a strong career.

While enjoying the flexibility of an online MBA, they can remain involved in gardening, planting trees and make the world greener and better. As their mentors or the teacher, you have a chance to help them focus on what they really love doing.

Introduce role models

One way to get students to be more intrinsically motivated is to introduce role models who can help them work hard to achieve their goals. Although such an act looks simple, it gives students motivation that their dreams are valid. Such role models could be parents who have had successful careers, former students, musicians or even successful sportspeople.

In essence, students will feel more motivated when they interact with successful people they can relate with. During such interactions, students will engage and ask questions depending on their points of interest.

Encourage journaling

Journaling is another intrinsic motivation that can help students break away from their regular classes. Encouraging students to keep journals develops their writing skills and reflect on who they are, what they like doing and what they are good at.

When students know what they want for themselves, it is easier for them to be intrinsically motivated in tasks related to their interests. Students can go ahead to write down a list of activities and happenings in the school setting.

Encourage connections between classroom activities and real life

Doing that will help students make a connection between classroom activities and real-life activities. That way, they will realize that whatever they are learning in class is applicable in real life. If a student wants to pursue engineering, help them understand that they need to perform well in mathematics will boost their intrinsic motivation.

Give students a chance to choices

Intrinsic motivation will be easier to build if you give students choices within the classroom. When students are allowed to participate in normal learning programs, they will perceive classroom activities as important, increasing their intrinsic motivation.

For example, if you want students to write an essay, instead of selecting a specific book for them, it would be best to widen their choices to five books to give them the freedom to decide based on their preference. That will spark intrinsic motivation for the assignment, and you will not have to follow them around.

Provide honest and instructive feedback

Students need to understand that intrinsic motivation is not all about receiving constant praise. Instead, ensure that you are providing honest and instructive feedback and focusing on their strengths and weaknesses.

That way, students will remain on the right track, and their internal motivation will improve. Intrinsic motivation is about breaking out of the norm and finding a renewed motivation for students.


Allen Wilson

Allen has been writing about gardening for over 30 years. He is a retired professor of Horticulture.

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