Warning Signs Your Hotel Employees Need Training

Regular staff training is important for any business to thrive. The purpose of staff training is to update the employee skills, improve satisfaction and morale and enhance the overall performance.

Hotel industry-specific performance indicators can help identify training needs. Skills not practiced at the workplace can degrade over time and the employee behavior may deteriorate. Here are some warning signs that your hotel employees need training.

Increased guest complaints

It is common for customers to complain about normal things that you may not have control over, such as weather and poor location. Some complaints that you related to issues you can fix are an indication that employees need training.

You notice that your employees are rude to the guests or rooms are dirty, meals are of poor quality, etc. Your waiters, waitresses, housekeeping, and kitchen staff may need a refresher course. All you need to do is to find a credible and reliable training company in the hospitality industry.

Learn how you can book your hotel employees for virtual and interactive training from this page on Jacaruso.com. Engaging your hotel team even in a short training session can boost hotel room bookings and lead your business to succeed in a competitive market. By training staff, you can discover new ways of attracting customers as you accelerate service delivery.

Reduced sales in higher grade rooms

Your hotel may have executive rooms, standard rooms, and higher-grade suites. Suites are the most expensive of all the categories and most profitable. If the sales from suits reduce, this may have an overall effect on profitability.

An effective method of marketing the higher-priced rooms is through upselling. If the sales from these rooms decline, your employees are not doing their marketing job well. This could be an ideal time for you to take them for a marketing refresher course.

Upselling guests from standard rooms to suites requires some skills that employees may not naturally have. Your employees need to be equipped with communication skills on how they can encourage guests to upgrade.

Inconsistent work processes

When different hotel employees perform the same tasks differently, the quality of products and services may deteriorate. Productivity may drop and the employees may take longer to complete tasks. This is a sign that the employees need more training.

Maybe you have a signature meal that sets you apart from your competitors. If different employees prepare the same meal differently, this may draw the loyal customers away.

The employees must be trained on how to break down each task into smaller sub-tasks to make them easier to manage. They should also be trained to adhere to the standards to complete those tasks. Allow the supervisors to monitor the employees after training to ensure that none of them goes back to the old work habits.

Increased staff turnover

Staff turnover in the hospitality industry may result from long working hours, poor pay, poor working conditions, poor employee selection, and so on. However, in some cases, the employee turnover may be triggered by a lack of training, leading to poor job satisfaction.

When employee turnover happens at an alarming rate, it could be a warning sign that the employees need to be trained. Staff training programs are aimed at promoting employee productivity because you demonstrate your commitment to their needs.

Regular training allows employees to learn new tricks of doing their job, leading to better job performance and staff retention. Training can motivate employees to be committed to your business and it shows that you are concerned about their career growth. Consider training as an input that can bring greater return from the employees.


Allen Wilson

Allen has been writing about gardening for over 30 years. He is a retired professor of Horticulture.

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