The Garden Teaches Us How to Treat Our Customers

There’s no doubt about it – gardening doesn’t only come up with examples that can be applied in customer care. The plants teach us so many important life skills. Plants turn their faces to the sun, basking in the light and warmth needed for growth.

They’re not distracted by adversity such as weeds but purposefully concentrate on their objective to grow and produce.

Don’t hold customers back 

Weeds are as bad as poor communication and slow Internet in a company, both of which hold a business back. Upgrading your Internet speed is a worthwhile investment as slow Internet speeds simply slow productivity.

With the coronavirus, everything has moved online and to the cloud. Helping customers with resolving an issue requires a reliable Internet connection, and Logix Fiber Networks is an industry leading PBX systems expert. With them, it means less expensive calls. With VOIP PBX systems, if the Internet is slow or lost, so are your calls, and irate customers is the result.

An IP PBX phone system will eliminate lost calls and latency, and irritated customers are a risk to your business as it simply means they’ll go where they can be heard loud and clear.

Small, inferior and menacing

We’ve all seen how a mighty Oak or Cypress tree, standing tall and majestic, can gradually be struck down by some tiny infestation. There are some tiny worms and other dangerous parasites that can collectively move in and systematically work through an entire tree, bringing it down to nothing.

There are some petty, rude, mean people in a company who can destroy all the good work the company has done to build up a solid customer base. They make rude, snide remarks about customers.

This rudeness is a sign of disrespect and for a company, it can be a breach of their etiquette. Someone behaving aggressively or rudely can ultimately ruin the company’s good customer service reputation.

Feed your garden – nourish your customers

Feeding a garden, adding organic fertilizer and manure reminds us that just like plants need nourishment to produce flowers or food, a business needs to give its customers what they want in terms of good products and services.

Your customers are no different from plants, and you essentially need to undertake the same activities in nurturing your customers as you would to create a successful garden. A garden that has been neglected can still recover if it is given what it needs.

Businesses need to nurture their customers, get to know them by gathering customer data on things such as behavior patterns, what motivates them and what their challenges are. Customer analytics can give you a deeper understanding of your customers’ buying habits and preferences.


As a gardener, you may have discovered that, despite your best efforts, a few of the plants you plant just don’t flourish. If you can see their value, you buy new soil, feed them, water them, and are delighted when they rally and improve.

And so it is with customer services and your business. You have to be persistent in doing what you do to keep your current customers and win new ones over. Despite the fact that the business world is highly competitive and getting your business to a place where you can call it successful is hard, you don’t give up.

No matter how hard you’ve tried and failed, you try again. The best businesses work at it till they get the results they want. But then again, you have to be wise and to know when giving up on a business or a customer is more beneficial than pushing on with them.


Allen Wilson

Allen has been writing about gardening for over 30 years. He is a retired professor of Horticulture.

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