Community Garden: Inspired To Turn Something Useless Into Something Productive

There is something seriously amazing when somebody does something extraordinary that nit changes their community for the better. One of these efforts is a community garden. It’s mind-boggling that we live in such a high-tech, sophisticated world. Still, not many people think of things like this – turning an ugly, littered vacant lot into something useful, healthy, beautiful and productive.

Get the soil in shape

There is no doubt that soil affects the vitamin and mineral content of the food we eat. It is quite possible that the vacant lot you have in mind for a community garden has poor, depleted soil.

It is therefore important to take an interest in the fertility of your soil. So first things first, you will need to get the soil in shape. Organic substance is the primary means of building good soil.

If people in your community keep goats and cows, collect the manure as it increases the ability of soil to hold moisture and promotes root development. With such wonderful soil, your vegetables will be more nutritious than the so-called fresh vegetables you buy in the shops.

Buying seeds requires cash

The next step for your community garden is to buy a variety of seeds and plants according to what you believe grows in your area. Some seeds, for instance, can be started in summer while others in winter.

Most vegetables require warm weather to grow. You can start in the old fashioned way and mark rows with a string to get them straight. For hoe, spade, string, seeds, watering cans, sprinklers etc., you’ll be looking for fast online cash, and Personal Money Network is an excellent website to get all kinds of useful financial information on loans and compare lenders to get the best quick cash online deal.

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Plant a herb garden

One thing about a herb garden is that it can be planted pretty much at any time of the year. Some can even be used to form borders for a vegetable garden. When it comes to water and maintenance, with herbs, it depends on how well the soil is prepared with compost and organic fertilizer.

Herbs don’t need lots of water. In fact, there are those such as lavender, sage, thyme and oregano that don’t like lots of water. Once your herb garden has established itself, normal watering applies.

Say what you like, having a herb garden is quite possibly one of the most worthwhile investments you can make, and turning a vacant piece of ground into part herb garden is going to benefit you in so many ways as herbs offer both medicinal and culinary purposes.

Social benefits

Maybe the area you live in doesn’t have much nature around. Maybe the people are tired, listless and depressed because they can’t connect with nature, greenery and wholesome food. Plant some grass and trees for shade and fruit. You can cleverly plan your garden so you have paths, some lawn, shade and fruit trees, vegetable- and herb gardens, even if on a small scale.

Having a community garden can be so important and beneficial to the wellbeing of people in a community as it will bring a host of positive health effects and even community involvement. Use your discretion about charging a small amount for entry into the gardens and a price for your vegetables.

Invest in a few slates, stones and pebbles for pathways in your garden and who knows, before long, you’ll be looking for another loan to start another successful community garden in another part of your community.


Allen Wilson

Allen has been writing about gardening for over 30 years. He is a retired professor of Horticulture.

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