How to Select the Right Air Conditioner for a Room

An air conditioner is an essential element for your room that gives you fresh air, better sleep, among other benefits. Choosing the right air conditioner can be challenging, especially if you do not understand what it entails. Here are the crucial tips to consider.

Space to Be Cooled

The amount of space for your PTAC cooling system is one of the crucial factors to consider. You don’t want to buy a smaller system than cant power up the entire room. Therefore, be careful with your choice.

You can calculate the square footage of your room to get the actual measurements. In this case, you can seek help from a professional to help you calculate the footage if you do not know how to do it.

Energy Efficiency System

When it comes to buying an air conditioner for your room, the energy costs matter most. There are various types of systems with different consumption rates. The worst thing you’d want is an air conditioner that makes you dig deeper into your pocket at the end of the month to clear your bills.

As you purchase your AC, understand its Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is the cooling capacity of the AC per hour. It’s worth noting that a higher EER rating means a more efficient system.

The best way to know the right AC for your room is by understanding your usage pattern and needs. For instance, a 3-star rate system will be suitable if you only need cooling for a few hours a day. On the flip side, a 5-star rating is ideal for lower energy consumption rates.

Type of Construction Materials Used in Your Home

The quality of the materials used to construct your room also plays a crucial role in selecting your air conditioner. For instance, if your room has older bricks, the air conditioner will likely use a lot of energy since the bricks absorb and retain too much heat.

Therefore, understand the types of bricks in your home and know the effects it’ll have on your air conditioner. You may need to get a home inspection from an air conditioning expert to help you figure out the best AC for your room.

Home Location and the Environment

Your home’s location and the general weather condition also affect an air conditioner’s choice for your room. Here are some factors to consider

  • An area with hot sun wastes energy since the direct heat makes the thermostat to react, causing inefficient cooling in your room.
  • Tall trees will provide shade close to your house, making the air conditioner use less energy to cool your space.
  • High humidity within your environment can harm your air conditioner’s performance, causing you to incur high energy bills.

Once you analyze the type of temperature within your location, you can choose the suitable AC for your room. You want to ensure that you maximize the ac potential while also spending less on energy bills.

Where to Place the Air Conditioner

Air conditioning units come in various types, and choosing the right one will depend on where you want to place it within your room. Some systems are installed at discreet locations, while others are located in your home exterior. Also, some are portable, ductless, and split. Therefore, know where you want to install it before you decide the suitable one.

The Bottom Line

As you plan to purchase your air conditioner, don’t forget to set aside a budget for it. Different devices equate to different costs, and it’d be best if you analyzed your pre-determined budget against the cost of the AC. Avoid overstretching finances and go for what fits your budget.


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