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A Personal Injury Can Be Life-Changing

A serious injury caused by an accident can change your life’s trajectory. The goals you set for yourself might become a distant dream as you adapt to a new normal in the wake of your injury. Severe injuries might lead to brain or spinal cord injury, permanent pain from affected joints and bones, or amputation.

After an accident, especially a car wreck, you are eligible for compensation from the person who caused the injury’s insurance. For success, you need legal assistance.

Get a lawyer

It is not only you that is in a daze after a car accident and unable to focus on anything other than your recovery. Your injury affects loved ones, too, giving them sleepless nights wondering what the future holds. Devastating injuries like those mentioned above leave dependents wondering how they will make ends meet if you are the breadwinner.

To get what you rightfully deserve, hire an attorney with experience in personal injury cases. At Joe Stephens Law, your lawyer works tirelessly and knows how to get more money from car accident claims. An attorney can focus their efforts on your claim and push it through quickly to give you and your family the financial relief needed.

Act with haste

Evidence for car accidents tends to disappear quickly. The road must be reopened, so cars are towed and debris cleared to allow traffic to flow. Your lawyer can access police records about your accident and look for witnesses who might have taken photographs or offer their account of what they saw. This is essential evidence in justifying an insurance claim.

After a serious injury, you will likely be rushed to the hospital. Allow your lawyer access to your medical records from the hospital. With an overall picture of your injury and how it will affect your life, an attorney knows how much to claim from an insurance company.

File your claim

Insurance companies are reluctant to pay out claims and need a little push to do so. With a compelling case containing significant proof of their client’s liability, they have no choice but to pay compensation. An attorney might negotiate a settlement with the insurer to avoid a court case and the time delays and trauma it can cause. Usually, the amount will be less than your original claim.

Consult your lawyer to see how they have calculated the initial claim amount because you need to know that the proposed settlement will cover your costs. A serious injury means you might not be returning to work any time soon. It will also incur medical bills, copayments, rehab, and long-term pharmaceutical treatment.

You might need corrective surgery in the future, prosthetics, or other medical apparatus such as a wheelchair. Additionally, you may need training to change your line of work if you cannot return to your previous job.

Pick up the pieces

Since life will never be the same again, you need to adapt your lifestyle, ambitions, and plans. This is traumatic enough without worrying about an insurance company digging in its heels and refusing to pay.

The uncertainty of an upcoming trial might also not be something you feel strong enough to face. However, to return to some semblance of normality, you need financial assistance.

Discuss any proposed settlement from an insurance company with your attorney and ensure that it measures up against the projected future costs caused by the accident.

A lawyer is unlikely to accept the insurer’s first offer and will negotiate for a higher figure. Having an attorney that you can trust allows you to focus on your recovery while securing a settlement worth enough to sustain you.

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