Month: July 2013

Bark Mulch Reduces Water Loss and Reduces Weeds

Bark dust mulch not only improves the appearance of shrub and tree beds, but reduces water loss and weed sprouting. The most common bark is from Douglas Fir trees. It […]

Strawberry Runner Plants

Help, I am being overwhelmed by strawberry runner plants and I don’t know what to do with all of them. I planted a strawberry patch 3 years ago and it […]

Summer Shrub Pruning

Question: My shrubs have become irregular in shape. Is this a good time to prune them? A neighbor said I should wait until fall. Do I need to wait until […]

Line Trimmers Can Damage Trees

One of the more popular uses of line trimmers is to trim grass and weeds growing around trees. An occasional use around a well established tree probably does little damage. […]

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