Month: January 2012


The Columbian, The Portland Observer, and even my own blog posts have mentioned my weight loss to date as 170 pounds. You may have even noticed, this number has been […]


Sometimes I write a blog post that stays in my head. Yesterday's post, "Inside Out" is still on my mind. I have more I would like to add. Again, my […]

Inside Out

My self-transformation and weight loss journey began with a walk. For weeks, prior, I was drowning my sorrows and escaping from my fears by sleeping the days and nights away. […]

Healthy Cooking 101: Vegetables

I love teaching cooking classes. It's the best of both worlds: I am able to share my weight loss story and knowledge about healthful eating/cooking. When I speak to a […]

Outside The Box

I do not eat food from a box. I do not like it quite a lot. I will not eat from a box. I will not eat it any way or any day. […]

Stay the course

Over the course of eight years, I've lost 170 pounds. For about four years I was not actively trying to lose weight, but I was able to maintain the 100 […]

Real talk

I must preface what I'm going to say, by saying, I don't want to discourage anyone. I certainly want everyone to pursue a healthy, fit lifestyle. I want everyone to […]

Better for 2012!

Hello, 2012! What a heck of a year 2011 was. It started off with me being knocked off my path when I was hit by a car and suffered […]

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