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Dive into the state’s schools homeless data

The rise in homelessness surfaced in the news again this week as the state released the latest numbers of homeless students in Washington's public schools. In Clark County, more than […]

A few stats on Clark County’s veterans

Today is Veterans Day when we remember and honor the men and women who serve or already served their country in the military. It's also known as Armistice Day when the […]

Where are Clark County’s uninsured?

Where do the uninsured live? That's a question The New York Times' Upshot recently asked and mapped out, showing that most of the country's uninsured live in the South and […]

Housing costs mixed, but renters feel pinch

While the U.S. economy has seen some job growth and other positive signs this year, the Federal Reserve voted today to keep interest rates static. There had been a lot […]

Did turnout affect the county chair race?

Yesterday we shared a map showing the voter turnout by precinct in Clark County's Aug. 4 primary election. Reader Justin Stanley noticed that turnout seemed to be lower in what he dubbed […]

Where was voter turnout lowest for primary?

Everyone expected voter turnout to be very low for the Aug. 4 primary and voters delivered in spades with only 25.9% of those registered submitting their ballots. So where was […]

Where not to park in downtown Vancouver

No one likes getting parking tickets, at least that we know of, and to help you stay out of trouble we've got just the thing for you. Below you can see where […]

A look at dads by the numbers

Father's Day is coming up quick. It's Sunday, June 21, if you didn't already have it on your calendar. Time is ticking on getting that special card and gift. It's […]

The waiting is the hardest part

Anyone who's seen a doctor knows that sometimes you end up waiting whether it's on the phone, in the reception area, in the emergency room or in the often tiny […]

Newer cars mean fewer vehicle thefts, but…

Vehicle owners in Clark County got some good news and some bad news this week. First, the good news. According to statistics from the Clark County Sheriff's Office, vehicle theft is […]

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