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Avoiding an Animal Attack During Hunting

For many wild animals, humans are prey. Even a tamed wild animal will turn on its owner or trainer, so how much more will a threatened wild animal attack a hunter when it feels threatened?

Trained, certified hunters

Being prepared for hunting is having the mindset that you need to be ready for anything that can happen. Part of being prepared is carrying defense weapons. But that very weapon can be your downfall if you’re not trained and certified to use it.

It’s why state certified hunting courses from ilearntohunt can equip you to know exactly what to do to avoid an animal attack during hunting. Apart from preparing you for such an event, their comprehensive, interactive online hunter’s courses teach you about your gun, what ammo to use, game identification, responsible, ethical firearm handling, and much more. You will get a certificate to show that you are trained and ready to be the best kind of hunter there is.

Hunting rifle for self-defense

Say what you like, animals are becoming angry with humans invading their territory and they’re ready to strike back. They’re merely behaving in keeping with their instincts and biology.

Nobody in an animal’s territory should ignore the prowess of a wild animal – even a deer. If you’re going into bear, cougar, or wolf country for hunting, apart from encountering animals, it is quite possible that you can even stumble across illegal activities from humans. This can put you in danger and you want to know how to use your hunting rifle for self-defense.

Safety common sense in the wilds

When you come across an agitated predatory animal, you have to remain calm. You must never turn your back on a wild animal and run. Animals such as bears, wolves, and cougars will go into ‘chase the prey’ mode, hurtle after you and bring you down.

You just have to keep your wits about you and practice common sense, always being aware of what’s going on around you. It is why in North America, hunters first take a safety education course and test to enable them to buy a hunting license. With hunting, you have to carry a hunting license.

Camp etiquette

One of the exciting aspects of hunting is setting up camp, getting a fire going, and relaxing around a campfire. Lazy people attract negativity and it is of the utmost importance to keep your campsite clean and free from garbage and food scraps.

A hungry animal on the hunt for food has an acute sense of smell and will readily come into your campsite and launch an attack to get to the food it craves. Make sure you don’t leave things out at night, as some animals are all too familiar with campers and will destroy things and you too in the attempts to find food.

Seasons and weapons

A mother animal with its young is the most dangerous of all animals. Let her sense that her baby is being threatened by you, and she will come at you with all her might. If you are new to hunting, it will be a good idea to avoid hunting during the breeding and birthing season.

Your weapon will also define your hunting experience. If you’ve got a bow and arrow, you will have to get closer to your target animal than you would with a rifle. By the time you’ve set up your bow and arrow, a wild pig could have come thundering out of the bush and overpowered you. Hunter education is crucial to make sure that hunters learn the necessary skills and information to avoid animal attacks and have a safe, successful hunt.