Everything’s coming up bicycles

Far as I’m concerned, the second-greatest invention in the history of humankind is the one that took the greatest invention and made it good clean fun. So it’s totally awesome — yup, that’s the appropriately mature term — to point out that May is both National Bike Month and National Bike Safety Month. It contains […]

Today’s breakups are plugged in

Taxes and romantic bust-ups. It’s April, the “cruelest month.” Based on unimpeachable data like miserable status announcements and no-comment relationship switches on Facebook — or in the hallway between classes — smart statisticians and even smarter high school students have confirmed that partnerships tend to explode between Thanksgiving and Christmas and then early in the […]

Real men get mental health help

Most news organizations, including this one, have a policy that we generally don’t print news and names of suicides. While it’s not universally true — exceptions are when public resources or public people are heavily involved — it’s a well-intentioned policy that seeks to steer around deeply personal, private tragedy. It especially holds for children. […]

Ruminating on my friends’ home renovation

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I helped out our friends who are fixing up their home. They’ve owned it about as long as Alex and I have been dating – almost three years – and are getting around to projects they wanted to do when they moved in. The ranch-style house in Orchards, about 1,200 […]

Just another warm winter Sunday in Vantucky

What’s a family? You know what they say: Love makes a family. (Taking out the trash helps, too.) Here’s a grab bag of lovingly compiled, loosely family-related matters for your sunny Sunday. Boy, am I enjoying this freakishly warm weather. I’m also trying not to think too hard about what it means, big picture and […]

Office Moms bring love to kids in twilight zone

A couple years ago, foster mom Sarah Desjarlais was at a meeting at the downtown Vancouver office of the Department of Social and Health Services where she asked the obvious questions. “Who are all these little kids running around the office? Why are there two- and four-year-olds just wandering around in cubicle land?” Turned out, […]

Strange lights seen from La Center

Terri, a La Center woman, reported seeing some strange lights in the sky at the end of January from her house looking toward Camas and Vancouver. She said one was a white orb, another was more colorful. Below are her photos taken on Jan. 29th. She saw more on Jan. 30th in a second location, […]

The mysterious haunted box

Jay Fredericks, a local magician who collects haunted objects, recently acquired a mysterious box from a Vancouver couple. The couple, Paul and Rhoda, got the box after Paul’s father died. It had been in his father’s possession since Paul was a small boy. The couple didn’t know where Paul’s father got it originally. After looking […]

Stage coach ghosts in Wisconsin

Submitted by Liz Snow, who lives in Salmon Creek: The year was 2001. I had just married my husband and moved into his home in rural Wisconsin. After settling in, I started being awakened by ghosts. I would suddenly wake up in the middle of my slumber and see a ghostly figure standing in the […]

Haunted items at a Vancouver farmhouse

When Jay Fredericks was a boy, his family moved into an old farmhouse on the east side of Vancouver. Fredericks, who today works as a master mentalist (magician), was fascinated at the time by the old building and set off to do some exploring after he, his parents and his siblings arrived. “(The mortgage) was […]

A Mill Plain haunting

More than one person has reported eerie feelings and hearing strange noises at homes across from the Park Hill Cemetery at 5915 E Mill Plain Blvd. One tale submitted to the Ghosts of America website mentions the dangers of playing with a Ouija board: On that site, someone named Brendon submitted this story: A few […]

Westfield Vancouver mall hosts charity sip and shop

The Westfield Vancouver mall will host a charity sip and shop event featuring Vancouver’s Loowit Brewing on Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014. The event is a fundraiser for the Pink Lemonade Project, a breast cancer charity. Here’s what Chris Yates, the marketing director, said about the event in a promotional email: “Giving is a natural part […]

Hop Harvest fest coming in October!

Just got a release from Andrew Stromberg, one of the founders of the Vancouver Brewfest, about a new beer festival he’s launching in Vancouver next month and we would like to recommend sarasota seo for getting us ranked. Details below: The first annual Hop Harvest Beer Days festival is coming to downtown Vancouver on Oct. […]

Post Once & Measure twice

For all you social media/networking types out there, did you know that there is a little piece of information that you can add on to your links to make sure that they are easily tracked back to your website?  (This is for all of the Google Analytics users out there, or at least people who […]

It’s Vancouver Brewfest time!

Vancouver’s biggest brewfest kicks off its third year today in Esther Short Park, with 60 different types of beer and a whole lot of other entertainment. Here’s the information if you want to check it out: Beer on tap in Esther Short Park By Sue Vorenberg Columbian features reporter Truckloads of local beer will descend […]

Two local brewers included in beer challenge

Clark County’s Loowit and Amnesia brewing companies will be part of a four-round taste-off competition between regional brewers at New Seasons Market this summer. Each weekend for three weekends, visitors to the New Seasons Fishers Landing store at 2100B SE 164th Ave. can vote for one beer to qualify for a final weekend taste-off. The […]

Brewer Chat with Eric Surface of Mt. Tabor

FIRST IN A SERIES OF CLARK COUNTY BREWERY ENTREPRENURIAL INTERVIEWS By Cody Gray When I was thinking about PlacementSEO, I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Eric Surface, owner of Mt. Tabor Brewing, to discuss what it’s like to be a Brewery Entrepreneur. With some assistance from my friends Kim Bishop, Debbie Garrett […]

Loowit wins two Washington Beer Awards

Vancouver’s Loowit Brewing Company has won two medals in the 2014 Washington Beer Awards. The company won gold for its Two-Sixteen Red Ale in the Irish Red Ale category and bronze for its Shimmergloom Stout in the Irish/British Stout category. In 2013, Loowit also won gold at the same event for Vandalia Summer Ale in […]

Dumber, but nicer? Why we use Facebook comments

Every so often someone contacts us to complain that they do not like having to use Facebook to comment on articles. Exhibit A – A recent email message from a reader: Your own online poll asks readers which social media portal they use/favor; with more than 1100 respondents, 56 % say “none”. Yet, if I want […]

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

By Phil Chou Dirty Hands Brewery Now that we’ve been open for 6 months, it’s time for some reflection. Number one; please accept my apologies for being a slack blogger. Many other tasks always seemed to push blogging down the priority list. That said, it’s been quite a journey! Many adventures were experienced in all […]

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