Month: May 2021

Hyperesthesia in Cats

Rather then being a single disease, Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome (FHS) is a set of symptoms that indicates the presence of a dermal, neurological or behavioral problem. The opposite of anesthesia, instead of a LACK of sensation, an affected cat has TOO MUCH sensation in her skin or in the muscles under her skin. Much like […]

Broccoli Salad

We’ve been patiently buckled in for a quite a while now. Like being on a much too long flight, it made no sense to squirm, so we kept busy baking bread, creating casseroles, and mastering the many meals that could be made from our pantries. You can put your tray table up now – it […]

Camas leadership flux becomes campaign issue

Camas’ leadership turnover is already becoming a top campaign issue ahead of this year’s elections. City Administrator Jamal Fox announced Wednesday that he will resign on July 9 after accepting a similar job in Takoma Park, Md. Former Mayor Barry McDonnell resigned immediately on May 11, saying he wanted to spend more time with his […]

Pairings set for 4A/3A GSHL playoffs in basketball, baseball and softball

All events scheduled Tuesday, June 1 through Saturday, June 5: GIRLS BASKETBALL All games single elimination Tuesday (9) Evergreen at (8) Battle Ground, 7 p.m. Wednesday (9) Evergreen or (8) Battle Ground at (1) Camas, 5 p.m. (5) Prairie at (4) Heritage, 7 p.m. (6) Kelso at (3) Skyview, 5 p.m. (7) Mountain View at […]

Herrera Beutler presses CDC director on mask guidance

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Battle Ground, pressed the director of the Centers for Disease Control this week on whether young kids should wear face masks. In a recorded House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing Wednesday, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky reaffirmed the importance of mask-wearing despite what Herrera Beutler called a “muddle of information” surrounding the best […]

Region’s top girls track and field marks for 2021, through May 26

Top high school girls track and field marks this season in Southwest Washington (through May 26). Marks from WIAA-sanctioned meets only. Source: 100 meters Brinley Jackson (Union) 12.32 Kara Mattson (Prairie) 12.47 Shaela Bradley (La Center) 12.49 200 meters Brinley Jackson (Union) 25.72 Shaela Bradley (La Center) 25.91 Kara Mattson (Prairie) 26.05 400 meters […]

Region’s top boys track and field marks for 2021 through May 25

Top high school boys track and field marks this season in Southwest Washington (through May 28). Marks from WIAA-sanctioned meets only. Source: 100 meters Tobias Merriweather (Union) 11.22 Isaiah Speer (Camas) 11.25 Payton Rush (Mountain View) 11.28 200 meters Tobias Merriweather (Union) 22.23 Payton Rush (Mountain View) 22.75 Benjamin Haywood (Union) 22.81 400 meters […]

Fit(ish) in Your 40s – Week 3

We have been reviewing tips for getting healthy and fit during various decades of your life and this week, we tackle staying fitish in your 40s, a time when many of us start to experience the effects of aging. The series is called Fit (ish) and we collaborated with Brenda Braxton from KGW News to […]

Sour Cream and Onion Potato Salad

Bring on the BBQ! We made it to Memorial Day and if your job is the potato salad, do it like this. Kick off the summer with this Sour Cream and Onion Potato Salad. Classically creamy, just like you’d expect a potato salad should be, it’s the crunchy potato chip topper that takes it from […]

Dalesandro steps down as chair of local Democrats

Battle Ground City Councilor Mike Dalesandro has resigned as chair of the Clark County Democrats. The party selected Dalesandro as its chair in early January. Dalesandro wrote this week, in a post on the party’s Facebook page, that he was stepping down immediately. “Over the last couple of months it has become clear to me […]

Fit(ish) in Your 30s – Week 2

Last week, we reviewed fitness tips for the 20 somethings. With each decade there are typically new challenges and opportunities. Today, Brenda Braxton and trainer Alicia Rose focus on the 30s and the unique needs throughout this decade. The series is called Fit (ish) and the premise behind the approach is that we all want […]

Roll call: Tracking missed votes in the 2021 legislative session

How many votes did lawmakers from Southwest Washington miss over the course of the 2021 state legislative session? According to a tracker from the Washington Policy Center, they had pretty decent attendance records. None of Clark County’s elected officials, for instance, missed as many votes as Ferndale Republican Sen. Doug Ericksen, who was absent for […]

Safety First When Visiting the Vet

A cautionary tail: Never put your cat’s carrier on the front seat of your vehicle where it can be crushed and your pet killed by deploying air bags in the case of abrupt braking or an actual collision.   That said, have you ever wondered why, despite there being more cats than dogs in American […]

Black Bean Veggie Burgers

  No matter what may change, the need for a fast, flavorful easy meal remains. Anything you can pull from your freezer and heat in a hurry fits the bill. These Black Bean Veggie Burgers are hearty and flavorful. Big, thick, and full of texture, they hold their shape and are easy to make. They’re […]

McDonnell out, Fox remains in Camas

On one hand, Camas doesn’t currently have a mayor. On the other, its top staffer will remain — after eyeing a job elsewhere. Camas City Administrator Jamal Fox was named one of three finalists for the city manager job in Gresham, Ore., last month. But earlier this month, the city of Gresham announced that it had […]

Setting Up a Home Garden After Buying a New House

Once you have an idea of what garden you’d like after buying a new house, your first step is to clear away all the weeds and bushes that will interfere with the laying of your lawn and gardens. Picking up a bargain van By clearing away debris to set up a home garden, you’ll be […]

It’s Time To Get Fit(ish) – Week 1

We collaborated with Brenda Braxton and KGW to host a fitness series to help viewers get moving and get in better shape whether they are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond. Each decade presents new challenges and opportunities, and we’ll break those down and provide our community a couple takeaways you can […]

Herrera Beutler to support Cheney through GOP ouster

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Battle Ground, will stick by her fellow embattled, moderate GOP colleague Rep. Liz Cheney as top Republicans push to strip Cheney of her leadership position. Cheney, the congresswoman from Wyoming and the party’s No. 3, is facing a recall effort led by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The ouster stems from […]

Spring Salad

Vibrant and green, fast and fresh, the time for a spectacular salad is now. Easy to achieve, the seasonal choices abound and with a little know-how, making something delicious and healthy is right at your fingertips. Celebrate National Salad Month with a swoonworthy salad that you make at home. Whether you pop into the Farmer’s […]

Clark County/Vancouver CGR Radio to serve you!

Community Growth Radio(CGR)/Northwest Audio Information Service has been serving Clark County/Vancouver Washington since 2013, CGR/NWAISRadio is mainly self-supported tho CGR Radio/NWAIS is NOT a non-profit, but local and community ads are heard on all streams and airtime is donated to small business and always free ads(60 seconds is free to all non-profits, and there are […]

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