Month: January 2021

Uh-Oh! When Felines Ingest Foreign Objects

Everyone is familiar with the old adage “Curiosity killed the cat.” But as conscientious cat owners, paw-lease ensure that your cherished companions’ natural curiosity NEVER gets the better of them – especially when it comes to their seeing and then swallowing small, strange objects. While some may pass through their intestinal tract without incident, some […]

Country Radio is back(read more below)please..

Just a quick note: Things are growing in programming and expanding in all 3 networks, and the kind replies and emails have been wonderful.          MAIN SITE(UPDATED always)YOU may have to copy and paste on your browser the links below… CGR Radio 1 News-Info-Community Programming More programming has been added(Main Network). […]

How DO Falling Felines Land On Their Feet?

Have you ever wondered how many of their legendary nine lives cats use up when they fall from extraordinary heights? Have you ever wondered how they, more often than not, manage to land safely on their feet? known as the righting reflex, this innate ability to reorient their bodies during a fall has been observed […]

Your Guide to Vegan Leather Products

As more and more people shift to a more sustainable, cruelty-free lifestyle, it can be hard to keep up. Especially when it seems like everything you use is tainted by untenable practices. But, there’s no need to get overwhelmed, particularly when there are companies that strive to make a difference with their products from manufacturer […]

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