Month: March 2014

The World’s Worst Website Ever

I stumbled across this site a while ago – and had fun pulling it apart trying to find out everything ‘wrong’ with it.  Although a lot of it is personal opinion – and you can have your site however you want, there are so many things on this site that would need to be ‘fixed’ […]


YOUR NEWS STARTS RIGHT NOW. We took the southbound AMTRAK “Cascades” from Portland, OR at 2:25 p.m. Feb. 22. During the voyage, we were subjected to a continuous blast of frigid air blowing out of the vents in our “bedroom.” The lighting didn’t dim, either. At supper time we went to the Dining Car and […]

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Ode to Mason Jar

Oh, Mason Jar, how I love thee. Beautiful Mason Jar, for so long you were only used to preserve our delicious food. Stored away in a cellar or dark pantry for weeks or months. One day someone realized how versatile you could be and it was like a new species was discovered. I love you […]

Resolution Check

Can two events be simultaneously encouraging and disappointing all withing a period of a few weeks? The normal inclination would be to answer that with an emphatic “yes” as we have all seen high expectations erode to disappointment at some time or another.  But the kind of juxtaposed elation and disappointment I’m referring to comes […]

It’s Fat Tuesday! Looking for a New Orleans Fix?

Today is Fat Tuesday, which may mean nothing to you unless you’re an expat from The Big Easy. But this blog celebrates regional cuisine, and nothing is more regional than New Orleans during Mardi Gras. So this week we’re taking a 2,500 mile journey to Louisiana – from the comfort of our own kitchens. If […]

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