Jamal Crawford — Free Throw Champion?

When Anthony Morrow knocked down all five of his free throws against Cleveland Sunday night, he temporarily jumped in front of Jamal Crawford for title of NBA’s best foul shooter.

Morrow currently sits at 92.7 percent while Crawford is at 92.4.

Morrow’s proficiency isn’t all that surprising given how he’s at 89.5 percent for his career. Crawford, however, is at 85.1 percent lifetime — respectable, but generally not a figure belonging to someone vying for the free throw title.

So has this race been on his mind?

“You know it’s crazy. I didn’t think about it until other people told me,” Crawford said. “But since I’m at the top, I might as well go for it. I’ve never been in this race before, but it’s been a crazy crazy year.”

Crawford has knocked down 146 of his 158 attempts from the stripe compared to Morrow’s 89 of 96. Others in the hunt include Boston’s Ray Allen (91.4 percent) and Orlando’s J.J. Redick (90 percent).

Crawford’s percentage has gradually improved throughout his career, starting at 79.4 his rookie year and rising to as high as 87.2 in the 2008-2009 season.

But Jamal doesn’t credit mechanics for the uptick, just a mindset.

“I’m just concentrating more. Honestly,” Crawford said. “When you get fouled, you have to make them pay. I try to do the same exact thing every time.”

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