Biggest Wilderness Risks When Camping with Kids

Kids these days do not know much about camping and the wild outdoors anymore. They are constantly stuck behind screens and are missing out on nature.

As parents, taking your kids camping can be extremely fun, but the world has changed and taking extra precautions is necessary. No longer can you set up camp wherever you can pitch a tent. The risks of the wilderness have crossed over into the human domain as well.

Addressing the elephant in the room

Although the wilderness itself poses some significant dangers for your kids, often, people pose an even greater risk. For this reason, it has become important to carry extra protection. Getting a gun is one thing, but going about it legally can become a bit of a headache if you do not follow the right channels.

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Looking out for creepy crawlies

Seeing that children nowadays have very little exposure to the wild outdoors, many of them are not aware of the dangers that lurk about in the wild. Kids who have no experience in the wild will not be able to assess an environment and determine the relative safety of the area.

As a parent, you need to make the most of every opportunity and teach your kids how to be vigilant in the wild. Snakes and other venomous creatures could be hiding underneath rocks and under the barks of trees. Scorpions also love crawling into shoes and sleeping bags.

Water hazards

Going camping or hiking near lakes and rivers is amazing. There is no better outdoor experience than listening to the gentle flow of the water while enjoying dinner around the campfire.

This can easily turn into a nightmare if your kids are not water safe. As a parent, you cannot stress the dangers of water enough. Rivers can easily sweep kids off their feet and carry them downstream.

Common sense should prevail and you should lay the ground rules early on. Under no circumstances should your kids ever wander too close to the water. While they are with you, you can demonstrate the dangers and ensure that they stay safe at all times.

Getting lost

If you do not keep an eye on your kids while hiking, they can get lost in a matter of minutes. It often happens that we read about some or another hiker that got lost in the woods or the mountains, never to make it out again. The bad part about these stories is that they usually involve seasoned hikers.

To ensure that your kids do not stray from a path, take the basics along. A GPS is great, but what you want to do is teach your kids how to read a map. Also, ensure that everyone in the party has a whistle and a flare.

Respecting the campfire

The cherry on top of any camping trip is the evenings around the campfire. It can also turn into the main spoiler if campfire safety is not applied.

Fires are potentially dangerous and are not to be played with. A strong wind can blow an ember into the field and start a forest fire or kids can step on embers that spilled. Teaching your children how to respect a fire and also the safety regarding campfires should never be neglected.