Month: June 2013

Overloaded Chocolate Cookie Cake

So this past week, my mom has been bugging me nonstop to make something chocolate. If you read my post from this past Mothers' Day, then you know how she feels […]

Pink Lemonade Bars

I love a good twist. Whether it's a Cheeto Twist, a movie twist like The Sixth Sense, or as in this case, a lemon twist, I think we can all agree that […]

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Waffle Trifle

Guys, it was Fathers' Day yesterday. And we all know little quirks about our dads that make them each special in their own goofy ways. So, when thinking of a good […]

Chilled Mango Bisque

Let's see, there's hot soup, cold soup, chicken soup for the teenage soul, and then there's dessert soup. And dessert soup is GOOD. So, since summer has just begun and […]

My Custom Granola Bars

What's better than feeling like something was made just for you? Whether it's a beautiful gown, a house for sale, or the delicious outcome of one of your baking endeavors, […]

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