In case you missed it: Stewart hits the airwaves

Most of y’all who follow this blog have probably heard or heard about Vancouver Councilor Jeanne Stewart’s appearances last week on the shows of conservative hosts Lars Larson and Victoria Taft.

Copyright laws prevent me from sharing the audio, but I’ve heard the Larson interview, and, fan of her viewpoint or not, her passion for that board is clear.

She says multiple times that the council “gave her the boot” for her vote to split bus funding and light rail operations into two separate sales tax measures this November.

Stewart, who’s no fan of light-rail, told Larson that she wanted to make sure bus service wouldn’t go down with light rail. She also said combining the two measures is “so profoundly obvious that it’s simply to jam through light rail.”

Other tidbits:

From Larson: “I didn’t live (in Vancouver) then, but if we vote on it again, I have a dog in the fight, I’ll be voting NO.”

From Stewart: “I see more and more government agencies are up this development of policies and procedures and requirements of elected officials that harness, control and manage the elected officials into supporting predetermined outcomes or decisions.In that case we simply become the mules for someone else’s agenda.”

“I’m very proud to say, and this is a very humble expression, I won the election (in 2009) with 69 percent of the vote. I believe that is a demonstration that people have confidence in me.”

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