Author: Jake Thomas

The county council opened its gorge commission interview to the public. Did anyone show up?

When the Clark County Council holds its Tuesday evening meeting, it’s not uncommon for them to approve appointments to various citizen advisory committees and boards. These appointments are one of […]

Glen Morgan lands another campaign finance complaint against local Dems

A local Democratic Party political committee will have to pay out several thousand dollars after a Thurston County-based conservative activist successfully filed a lawsuit against it alleging campaign finance violations.  Sound […]

Will Clark County really spend $1 million on artwork at a new jail?

As you might’ve heard, estimates for the cost of a new Clark County jail came in hot.  Last year, the county assembled a blue-ribbon commission tasked with evaluating the county’s options […]

County Council takes another look at how it handles appointments

The Clark County home rule charter isn’t necessarily in conflict with federal law, but the county council would like to shine a little bit more light on how it appoints […]

Wylie gets more committee work

Being a member of the Legislature means lots of meetings and lots of work on committees. Although the Legislature wrapped up its work in April, one member of Clark County’s […]

Have candidates for the special county council race raised any money yet?

It’s after Memorial Day and it’s just two months away from the August primary, so let’s check in on who’s giving money in the special election for Clark County Council. […]

Brian Baird’s project to elect centrists is over

Remember that time when a Democrat from Southwest Washington and a Republican from the Puget Sound area got together to form a new political action committee to support “independent, centrist-minded […]

Adrian Cortes found Gary Medvigy’s interview on Lars Larson concerning

[caption id="attachment_8737" align="alignright" width="300"] Who is the boss?[/caption] When Republican Clark County Councilor appeared on the Lars Larson Show earlier this week, he had mostly nice things to say about the […]

Gary Medvigy was very diplomatic on the Lars Larson Show

As Gary Medvigy steps up his campaign to retain his seat on the Clark County Council, he made an appearance yesterday on the Lars Larson Show, a local conservative talk […]

Eileen Quiring wanted the county council to watch a video about teenagers smoking pot

As the Clark County Council moves forward with lifting the ban on recreational cannabis businesses in the unincorporated areas, council Chair Eileen Quiring has been concerned about the kids. During […]

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