Author: Erik Hidle

Madore didn’t know others might want a six figure job

Clark County Commissioner David Madore didn't respond to us over┬áthe news that he is being sued for breaking county hiring policy and anti-discrimination laws. But don't worry, he spoke to KOIN […]

We’ve found the next level

I don't even know what color code we use for this discussion between Christian Berrigan, operations director of the Clark County Republican Party, and Clark County Commissioner David Madore: We members […]

Of Tyrants and Tears

Clark County commissioners were probably expecting a mad rush to this past Tuesday's evening public hearing. It was the first chance for public comment since the vote that set in […]

Update: threat advisory system fixed for Coast Guard decision

The U.S. Coast Guard has approved the permit for the CRC. In response, I have updated the threat advisory system to more accurately reflect the colors that will be needed for […]

We have achieved threat level red

Clark County Commissioner David Madore has been using a nice, simple image to announce county updates on Facebook over the past few months. They look like this: But Madore upped the […]

Your voter’s pamphlet will include a poem

While working on a story on the upcoming November general election, I took the time to read through Clark County's voter pamphlet. Most of it is the same old rigmarole on […]

The written history of Clark County treasurers grows ever more incredible

Did you know the written history of Clark County treasurers is incredible? Well, it is and you should take a look at it. Current Clark County Treasurer Doug Lasher called me […]

Mission accomplished, Bill

Former Clark County Administrator Bill Barron's final day on the job was Tuesday. We already ran a final story on Barron, but there's still one thing left to say about […]

This is why we can’t have nice things

Last month the Clark County commissioners hit a turning point. It appeared the bickering, the snide comments, the filibustering and the yelling had come to an end. It appeared they […]

Clark County’s drug map will make you feel like you’re on drugs

The federal government today said it really doesn't care if you smoke marijuana in a state where voters have approved smoking marijuana. Knowing the feds don't plan to raid the farm […]

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