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Portland moving on… next up LA Galaxy

The trail to the playoffs continue as Portland host one of the best overall teams in MLS this next weekend after a glorious (pure football lovers football match) 1-nil win against Colorado!

It’s not like this is a Lewis & Clarke expedition in the great Northwest where no-one has played soccer before but it is trail-blazing to some extent; last year the thought of the Playoffs was fantasy with a team that played disorganized and was pretty much run disorganized.

Times have changed and fingerprints ain’t what they used to be… now with just five games to go the Playoffs can be very much a reality but simply stated ; a one game at a time reality.

So from last weekend’s game forward what’s in store?  

From this point forward every game is pucker-time; every game will have nuance and intrigue with an edge to it.  The roar heard after that 2-1 win last time against LA will hopefully be even louder; can it be?  I don’t know but if/when Portland score that winning goal this weekend it oughta be…

So about the other night?

The starting 11 were electric, none more voltaic, voracious, valuable and volcanic than Valeri when the he chipped in that truly remarkable shot and the crowd erupted!  WOW!

If that wasn’t enough…

Even more dangerous for the opponent, when Portland gets the first goal, is how they handle the substitution scheme of things in the second half.

So a wee bit about what I saw…  

The other beauty of this new approach is how well it allows Porter to run a veteran, and slightly slower, back four - It’s defense first and a more solid back-four.

In Closing:

Next up Match Preview and some other thoughts on statistics collected so far this year and what they might offer…




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