Portland Timbers

Tepid Timbers channel poor performance for 1 Point versus changed Chivas USA

Aye… quite tepid indeed; the word most often used last night as the family watched the game at home was lethargic, but thankfully so, there’s no L’s in my alliteration today as they didn’t lose.

I’m not sure what happened between the locker room and white lines of the pitch but the translation of what was intended to be executed and how things played out didn’t come off.

But is all of that down to the Timbers not being ‘on the razor’s edge last night – did the changes in Chivas impact the Timbers more than expected?

Here’s some thoughts on the game for your consideration…

Pitch conditions?!?

Accuracy and passing and Shots on goal…

So what might that say???

Are there approaches that (might?) be leveraged to get past that?

Another option is to run the forward line a bit higher and wider to try and draw the back-four apart and further up the pitch.

So how did things work in that area last night?

Bottom line in Closing…

Next up my MLS Final Third Rankings — and oh by the way how about that surprising draw for LA in DC and Philadelphia sliding behind Chicago for the playoffs in the East…. if only Chivas or Toronto could be moved to St. Louis – the fan base in that city would surely swell a soccer stadium with more than 5,000 people!

Chris Gluck

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